Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Enter The Leviathan

Prodos have released photos of the Capitol Leviathan master print and as stated,all that is needed is a cleanup before production can begin. The pictures below shows the sheer beast of resin that it is and also how determined Prodos are, to bringing not just the detailed infantry but also the (very) big guns. I am just waiting to see when the rest of the Heavy master moulds turn up, the sooner that happens, the sooner Kickstarter backers get their wave 2. While I am sure the casts will generally be fine, I am apprehensive on how long the moulds will last, after all I am still missing my Venusian Rangers and still have a variety of mis-cast parts that require replacing.

With January coming to a close, Prodos seem to be making a strong start to 2014, despite massive delays in 2013, they have delivered most (if not all by now) of Kickstarter backers wave 1. Further more, people have ordered from the webstore have been getting their stuff in good time - one of my friends is on that list. In addition to this, we have seen multiple new products announced and of course progress on the long anticipated tanks. 

Good job Prodos, keep it up!

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The 14th Legion

Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE

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