Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Mishima Ronin Work Goes On!

Hi all, last week was my birthday so in true fashion I did not much time at all to do anything. What I did get done can be seen below in the form of Ronin progress! I am happy with the way the reds have come out, they tie in nicely with the rest of my force and form a nice contrast to the bright blue. Right now I am thinking of leaving the rims of the armour in black and sharp highlighted in grey, I did try the gold route, but I was not satisfied with the results and ultimately I feel that Mishima armour should be left in shades of blues/ or reds like in the source materials.

It is really just a case of fine details now, before I can move on to the arms and basing, the swords, pouches and sandals are all that really remain, as well as the Mishima belt symbol that will bring the models 'to life' once complete. I will attempt to paint eyes on at least one of the miniatures, just to see how difficult it really is. The details are so astonishingly small that I wonder if they would be noticed at all...

Well hopefully we will see an end to this unit this week, which means I need to decide on what to do next. I am still waiting on some replacement miniatures to arrive, so perhaps it is time to move away from units and on to characters. The one that appeals to me right now is Nozaki, purely for the long coat and sinister look to him. While I love the miniature, I really don't like his background, a true villain!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion

Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE


  1. So now that you've received your replacement parts from Prodos can we expect to see those badass Ronin in action?

    1. Oh yes, I think so :)

      I will build enough Bauhaus figures of equal points and run a game quite soon. I just need to choose and paint up a Warlord and we're set!