Friday, 17 January 2014

Warzon Resurrection: Mishima Ronin & Overall Project Update

The Meka is now finished, so it is time to move on to the next unit. I am relenting on taking photos just yet as after some discussion on the Warzone Facebook page, I came to the conclusion that I am not happy with the existing base design. Right now I have gone for my standard recipe of dark brown, khaki highlight with a touch of grass and while this looks ok for other projects, I don't think it is altogether right for my Mishima force, so the idea I am playing with is a forest/woodland theme with leaves, grass and scatter. I am not going with the typical bamboo trees as I know a lot of people are doing this already, instead I will be focusing on a natural look. As a result I have put in an order with a company called Basecrafts for one of their woodland basing kits, having watched the video, there is a very nice amount of materials to play with, to give that authentic woodland look.
So on to the next part of my Mishima Project! As the title states, the next unit on my table is the Mishima Ronin, these figures are loaded with character and detail, whilst still remaining a unified squad on the table. I have had a few issues with figuring out what blue I wanted for the pants, but finally I settled on electric blue, while the armour plates will be the typical red I have used on all my Mishima figures so far. The blue cloth/red armour is in line with the art work released by Prodos and also the figures released in previous incarnations. The way I look at it, red armour is the colour of the retainer class (Crimson Devils seem to fall into this category), while the dark blue seems reserved for the Samurai classes. I do not know if this will hold true once a dedicated source book comes, but for now it makes for a nice explanation in my growing force.

I am not feeling too enthusiastic with my characters right now, while they are very nice miniatures, they don't grab my attention as much as say the Capitol characters. Hopefully this will change as the 2014 release schedule rolls forwards. In terms of what remains for my Mishima force, the following figures need to be built or primed, but other than that, there is nothing else!

Lord Nozaki - In bag
Hiroko - Built & Primed
Tatsumoto - In bag
5 Ronin - In bag
5 Hatamoto - In bag (Replacement parts have arrived)
Project Red tide - Currently converting
Meka #3 - waiting on replacement legs and blade arm

Not a lot to go, but probably won't be done for the end of the month as envisioned, but then again I did not think I would be putting as much detail into these miniatures as originally intended. Prodos have announced the Tiger Dragons as their next Mishima release, the question now is when will pre-orders open up? Either way I will be in for two boxes to max out that option.

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The 14th Legion

Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE

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