Thursday, 9 January 2014

Gallery: Forge World Nurgle Daemon Prince

This is one of the figures that have been lurking on my shelf waiting to be photographed and since I have decided to put best foot forward for 2014, I finally pulled my socks up and did a few photo shoots. The Forge World Daemon Prince of Nurgle is a fantastically detailed figure filled with skin itching sores, maggots and other nastiness. Surprisingly this was also one of my quicker paint jobs despite the size of the miniature. Rotting flesh shaded with green and red washes were all I used to get the figure looking as he does. I am quite proud of the detailing I have put into the face, including the popped right eye ball, broken teeth general sores. To help contrast all the red and pink areas I decided to give the metal areas a wash of light rust pigment and made the slime in it's barrel a luminescent green.

In hind sight I probably should have done some else with the Nurglings but as this was the first figure I painted for my army (at the time) I am still very happy with the outcome.

I am currently working on a 360/close up video of this figure, so please check back here or subscribe to my Youtube video channel to be notified of when it comes.

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