Monday, 13 January 2014

Gallery: Forge World Nurgle Blight Drone

Another golden oldie from my collection. Originally part of a trio, I had intended to use these figures as Daemon Princes of Nurgle with Wings (5th edition). This Drone was the 'lead' Drone hence the extra work done to the base, which is built up out of green stuff over a wire mesh. I Incorporated some spare skulls and zombie bits to reflect the background of these nasty little blighters - they eat the fallen and process them into corrosive sprays. The paint job was very similar to the Daemon Prince, with lots of washes used to create a bruised flesh effect on the larval area. I also used the same light rust pigment on the metal areas to keep the models coherent. 

I have to admit to enjoying the Nurgle Daemon models and perhaps in the future I will be enticed to paint more Nurgle bits.


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