Monday, 18 November 2013

Wip: Proteus Land Raider & Deimos Vindicator

I have decided to put a bit more time into building my (small) vehicle pool these last two weeks. I was away this weekend just gone so was unable to get a post up, but here non the less is my current progress. The Proteus Land Raider which I showed off on the 4th of November is going well under way in terms of construction, there are a few odd gaps which I have fixed up with plasti card, but other than that it has been a pleasant build with very little in the way of warped items. This week, my intention is greenstuff the gaps and smooth any rough areas of on the model, before I finish cleaning the weapons and extras. I don't really want to put a time frame on it, but I will be optimistic and say that by the end of the week, painting will have begun. 

I have magnetised the las-cannon points to allow movement, as I wanted to use some of the spare magnets I had around. This also gives me options if I decide to scratch build other weapon choices for gaming use. I fully intend to use the las-cannon version in future games, but will be using the model as a standard Land Raider with front assault ramp. With all the 'counts as' shenanigans going around, I can't see my opponents objecting.

Freshly arrived is the next vehicle in my collection; the Deimos Vindicator; I really like the pre heresy design because of it's Deimos roots and I think the model is interesting to look at, and matches the Rogue Trader/old school feel I am looking for with my Crimson Fists army. However I was a little disappointed with the quality of what I received, compared to the Proteus Land Raider, there are quite a few warped pieces, which I find unusual for a newly cast range. Due to the prohibitive price and foot slog preference of 6th Ed, I would have doubted demand outstripping supply, so perhaps I have just been unlucky.

While it is not a major job; when I am enthusiastic; I sometimes don't want to waste time playing with hot water correcting things like this and crack on to painting, but as a long time model maker I really should know better and expect that these things do require a little tidying up.

To grow the vehicle pool, I already have the new Stalker tank kit, but I am looking to add Deimos pattern Rhinos and Predators to the mix for total Rogue Trader tribute. While I would like some bikes and Speeders, I am actually not keen on Forge World's Outriders and so am holding out on something fresh when they get round to doing White Scars. Who knows a re design of the Vincent Black Shadow might be in the works - I am allowed to dream - complete with Attack Bike version!

While my interest in doing anything Horus Heresy related has certainly dwindled, the options of buying older mark of armours and vehicles are a god send for my Crimson Fists project. The amount of parts allow so many conversion choices that Space Marine collectors are spoilt for choice with literally thousands of combinations of power armour. All that remains is to get the rest of my infantry built and ready for painting, so that I can get a decent army shot by the end of the year.

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