Monday, 4 November 2013

Wip: Devastators, Terminators & Land Raider

My Crimson Fists army rolls on (slowly but surely), so I thought I would share a few photos of whats on the table, waiting for painting. It has taken me a while to get myself sorted but I am still enjoying my army, fuelled by passages from Rynn's World and Traitor's Gorge. While I have enjoyed every unit I have converted, it is my latest two acquisitions that I am really looking forward to working on in the future.
Devastator Squad
This unit has actually been done for a while as it was one of the first units I built from spare bits. Like the rest of the army, there is a mix of 'modern' arms mixed with various marks of armour to try and keep a Rogue Trader feel (quite a few MK 6). The idea is currently three missile launchers and one lascannon (which has not been stuck on yet) but I might just go for four missile launchers...still trying to decide on what to do and while originally I wanted a lascannon in the mix, I think four old style missile launchers will look far better. What does everyone think?

Terminator Squad
Long time readers know I love Tactical Terminators and this is down to the fact that I got the Rogue Trader Terminator box set as a birthday present when I was young - great memories. For this unit, I used a mix of the new Dark Angels Deathwing, regular Terminators and Forge World shoulders to try and come up with something a little more dynamic than the current plastic box set. Unlike my previous Terminator units, I have gone for the classic configuration of assault cannon and chain fist in the unit, once again out of nostalgia. There is still a bit of work to do, namely on the squad leader in the form of a banner and some screen stuff, which needs to be sculpted to give a beaten metal sheet look.

Land Raider Proteus
This kit was a random gift from the missus and I am incredibly grateful for it! I am in pure nostalgia heaven with this kit as I am huge fan of the old Land Raider, so as you can imagine I am incredibly happy to see it back in a modernised form. It comes with a lot of various pieces and there are more than a few bits that are flash covered and bent out of shape. Right now my intention is to use it as a Heavy Support choice to transport Pedro Kantor and a Sternguard squad. The tank arrived in the typical giant size Forge World plastic bag with two smaller bags inside containing the weapons array and tracks. It does make me wonder though; especially with the larger and heavier kits; why Forge World does not box the smaller bits like antennas etc I have had a few issues in the past where the larger blocks of resin have crushed and snapped smaller parts, all because they are packed in plastic doggie bags.

As to be expected with Forge world kits, there are huge lumps of excess resin and it will take a while to get this kit cleaned and washed before I can even think about gluing it together. But generally speaking, the cast is good with the main chassis being in one piece and not warped in any major extent.

However, the smaller parts; especially the tracks; have got some pretty severe cast lines and mild warping. It looks simple enough to work into place but is just extra work on top of what will already be a large job. My intention is use the kit as a standard codex land Raider in games and I hope that who ever I face with this tank, will not give me too much grief using standard rules, as it is a classic piece (well at least in design) and matches my army's look perfectly. Depending on how well this build goes, I might get another one to act as transport for a second Sternguard Squad...expensive but will look awesome on the table!

So that's a little peek into whats in line for my Crimson fists army, I hope to show some painted stuff soon.

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The 14th Legion



  1. I like your devastator squad.

    1. Many thanks, I still can't decide though which weapon to go for lol missile launcher or las cannon >.<