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Site News: Space Marine Purchase List

With the Space Marine 6th Ed release mere hours away, I have decided to share exactly what I have coming my way in the post for this release.

As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, I have just started a brand new Crimson Fists army. I am proudly staring at the newest recruits to the force, in the form of 3 boltgun armed scouts, built from spares lying around my bits box, I have purchased parts for two more scouts and will probably bring the squad up to 10 men. However this weekend is all about the new toys and from these awesome  new releases I am expecting the following miniatures:

The fact that this is a great model alone, guarantees purchase. In the greater scheme of things, I do like having a psyker in the army but in this case he will be competing with Pedro Kantor for the HQ slot. So far from what I have read, a Librarian can take the role of providing supportive powers or direct damage. What I am hoping is that the old 5th Edition Gate Librarian is still a viable option with this release as I do like the idea of scoring Sternguard doing last minute objective blitz's.

Crimson Fists would not really be complete without a squad (or two) of these guys, the sheer amount of parts, that this kit provides is worth the price alone for future Space Marine kit bashes. Right now the intention is to build these in the standard combi-melta configuration with a heavy flamer, I do not think I will be going with the grav weapon options as the special ammunition should be enough anti-infantry. I also do not think there will be much synergy between grav weapons and Imperial Fists tactics, and of course the meltas will have the dual purpose anyway of anti terminator shots if no armour is present - this is subject to Internet rumours and can/will change as soon as I have read the codex thoroughly.

Tactical Squad
I love the re-cut Tactical Squad, I prefer the leg stances so much more than the original 3rd edition squad and of course there are much more weapon options like the grav guns and combi weapon. For this reason alone I have bought a box of Tactical Marines. While I intend to bulk the Crimson Fists force with scoring Sternguard and Scouts (to keep in theme), I think one squad of Tactical Space Marines will fit in nicely in terms of background and game utility. I am currently thinking of aggressive forward tactics, and if this is the case a transport may be in order for mobility.

Centurion Squad
Ok, I will be honest and say that this unit bugged me a lot when I first saw them. However much like in Warhammer Fantasy, the push for certain unit types to be overpowered to generate sales cannot be overlooked. The prospect of firing two las-cannons and chest mounted (typhoon?) missile launchers in combination with Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics - Tank Hunters, is too good to pass up. This will make a formidable fire base that most opponents will not be able to ignore. Of course I could always go with the armour bane Assault Centurions, which will fulfil the same purpose - from a melee perspective, but ultimately require much more aggressive tactics with bigger risks...decisions...decisions...

Codex Space Marines Enhanced Edition
I previously purchased the 6th Ed Chaos Daemons codex and was very surprised with how good it was, I am expecting the if not better from the Space Marine version. Of course there is the added bonus of what looks like a codex specific force selector programme, which could possibly be the best thing about the digital editons. At time of writing I have paid for the codex but am just waiting on downloads to initialise and complete, perhaps GW have decided not to allow downloads to begin too far ahead of retail opening, to prevent loss of store revenue - who knows? As soon as this codex downloads and I have had a read, I will share my thoughts.

Sadly this may be all the hobby I get to do this weekend, I have a wedding to go to in 9 hours and can't get any sleep due to tooth ache caused by an overly hard cookie. If I am not too shattered from the post wedding celebrations I intend to spend Sunday doing intense amounts of painting. So what are you most looking forward to with this release and why? What do you love or loathe of the 6th Ed Space Marine list?

Until next time, have faith in your boltgun, praise the Emperor and may you always roll 6's!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion

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