Saturday, 28 September 2013

Site News: Alive & Still Kicking

With almost three weeks of 'radio silence' you would be (un)forgiven for thinking that I have lost steam/given up on yet another project, but alas not so! Actually it has been the complete opposite. Admittedly I have lost some time doing things I should not be ie online games and a touch of DoW 2 (research!). But that has not stopped me from knuckling down and doing what I am meant to be doing - More painting! So this is just a quick run down as to what has been going on these last two weeks and what to expect this autumn. Sadly no pictures this time but I promise to make up for it with the next update - Which will be the first 'official' Crimson Fists project update. Right now I am toying with the idea of a video update/diary as opposed to teh standard wall of text with photo injections - thoughts anyone?

In terms of progress, the 25th Anniversary figure I showed off a couple of weeks back is finished, and was the test model for the overall colour scheme I will be using for the whole army. I am currently working on the new Tactical Squad box set and currently have all the legs fully painted and based, I intend to make a good start on the torsos and arms over this weekend...assuming I am not distracted: By the Devastator Squad I have been building over the last two days! Bits have been flying form every corner of Europe to complete this next squad on my painting list, and I have to say I am really looking forward to painting this unit up.

Gamesday is tomorrow, so I am sure loads of people (including myself) will be scouring blogs for all the juicy gossip, so my next update will probably be end of next week, so until then.

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  1. I think the wall of text with pics is good, but maybe you should try the video and see how it goes. Excited to see what's painted next time!

    1. Thanks for the input Duncan! It has been suggested before (namely for batreps) but has been something I have consistently tried to do, but ultimately delay. Because I am really looking forward to giving it a go :-)

      There is lots of really cool stuff I can't wait to show off, while not all of it is painted, some of the minor conversions go a long way to giving a bit more character to the army, I am hoping when i finally show these off people will like them!