Sunday, 14 July 2013

Site News: back Into The Fray With More New Projects

And we are back! The last three weeks have been a bit of annoyance, with both Lorna and I coming down with seasonal flu. It is quite disheartening to see how nice the weather is outside but being  unable to enjoy it, and as a repercussion not much hobby has been done. Now that the flu has passed, we find we have a new enemy and again it is the nice weather! With it being so bright and hot, it has been too much of temptation to go out with the dog as opposed to sweating away at the paint table, but despite this I have somehow found myself able to squeeze in a new 40K project. As has been mentioned in previous posts, I have not found an army that I am comfortable with, both in terms of gaming and painting, there has been a real lack of variety that has caused me to lose steam with projects such as my Nurgle Daemons, Minotaur's Space Marines and Pre-Heresy Dark Angels. Part of the problem I feel is...I have seen it all before, 25 years painting the same products can get start to lose some of its allure.

However I feel I may have found the solution, sometimes a little impulse buying can be the start of something really good and this week I think I may have bought into something with a little longevity. I will share the details next week, as I have guests this afternoon; perhaps via a youtube video; but I am quite excited with the progress I have made so far in the last two days. I do have a 1500pts list written up and all the models are either here or are en route.

Looking forward to sharing more toy soldier news with you all soon.

Thanks for reading,

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