Friday, 12 July 2013

New Warhammer Forge Releases

Forge World/Warhammer Forge have two new pre-orders up for Warhammer Fantasy. 

First is the lovely Empire Command set shown off at various conventions. This is a three figure set including champion, standard bearer and flagellant. While I would wish for an accompanying unit complete with face guards, I know that will never happen due to the focus on Horus Heresy, but one can dream can't they? The empire Command Set is available for pre-order now and is priced at £30.00 with a shipping date of the 26th July LINK

Second on the release schedule is the Dreadmaw, filling another monstrous unit option for the Monstrous Arcanum book. The Dreadmaw is up for pre-order now and has a shipping date of  the 26th July and is priced at £52.00 LINK

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