Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Project: Dark Angels

Hello on a slightly cooler sat afternoon! Two weeks ago I let slip that I had plans for a new 40K project, leading up to a full 1500 points army list. All the items I was waiting for have now arrived and work has begun, the new project is a 'contemporary' Dark Angels army. I have gone the way of the triple wing, including Deathwing Terminators, Ravenwing Bikers and of course standard Dark Angels marines. The inspiration to start this army actually came after playing Dawn Of War 2 with the DLC Dark Angel content - something I tend to do during dry periods of hobby.

The Terminator aspect of the army will be two units of regular Deathwing with plasma cannon and assault cannon respectively. I did buy the Deathwing and Ravenwing squads from Dark Vengeance via eBay so, the cost on new boxes has been relatively low so far, but I have decided to make up one of the boxes of each as Dark Angels Knights and Black Knights, because both units have a visual appeal. 

I picked up the Master Of Relics figure from the Apocalypse range to use as a Devastator Sergeant, again because I really like the model. The devastators will be led by Azrael for the 4++ and ability to gain FNP when next to an objective, also from a scoring pov, it is worth while having at least one heavy support. While many see the Azrael investment as under-utilization, I believe the ability to count my Deathwing Terminators and Ravenwing Bikers as troops is the major pay off. The fact that Azrael forms a very resilient scoring camp unit is merely icing on the cake.

I also put in a large order for Dark Age bases for this army. I think the mosaic and temple designs on these bases work perfectly for a Dark Angels army, even though they are designed for Warmachine style bases, they can be trimmed down easily to accommodate GW style bases. As an army, the bases will add a nice sense of unity outside of colour schemes.

Here is an example of how the Terminators sit on the bases, while I think the combination looks great with regular Terminators, I am quite excited to see how it will look on the Knights.

So that's the new project and my current progress for the week. With the weather being a little cooler, I should be able to sit at the table and do more hobby now, which means more updates (yay!). Summer is a notoriously slow period for me when it comes to hobby, but usually concludes in a vigorous Autumn/winter. I still have a few more goodies to look forward too next week, namely the Empire Command Group from Forge World, and with Lorna's schedule freeing up, we can finally get those games in that we have been meaning too.

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