Monday, 10 June 2013

Warhammer: Empire & Vampire Counts Updates

Last weekend was a Lorna's birthday so sadly we had no time for our respective projects. We have compensated this weekend with a bit of building, lots of sanding and (in my case list writing). Both armies are nearly game ready; built, sanded and primed; and our first game looks to be on target for next weekend - 16th June.

Empire - Chris (aka DiStudios)
Well my list has gone through a massive change due to figures taking too long and generally wanting other figures in my collection. I have dropped the Amber Wizard on Griffon idea, simply because I don't want to feel rushed building it for next weeks game; on the up side; I feel the new list suits my play style better and still has some gimmicks without risk of falling apart, should spells not go my way.

Empire 1750

Arch Lector
Heavy Armour, Shield, Sword of Might, Talisman Of Protection
Wizard Lord
Lore of Life, Power Stone
Battle Wizard
Lore Of Beasts, Dispel Scroll
Captain Of The Empire
Battle Standard bearer, Full Plate Armour, Shield, Pistol, Talisman Of Endurance

40 Halberdiers With Full Command
Detachment: 10 Swordsmen
Detachment: 10 Swordsmen
10 Handgunenrs
Detachment: 5 Archers
Detachment: 5 Archers

3 Demigryph Knights
Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner Of Eternal Flame
5 Pistoliers
5 Pistoliers

Celestial Hurricanum

I find this list gives me a lot of mobility, harassment and re-directors via the Pistoliers and Archers, the intention being to reduce enemy ranks with with 20 rounds a turn from Pistoliers, 10 rounds from Handgunners, 10 rounds from Archers and if I am lucky a Stone Thrower shot from the Hurricanum. At first I wanted to use this in concert with a Gold Wizard for +1 to hit and magical weapon, but Life will allow for all units to do what they need to do - longer.  With this in mind I will hopefully be allowed for more selective charge choices with my two grind units - Halberdiers and Demigryph Knights. The Halberdier unit is the real work horse in this list, and should I have a successful magic phase, my opponent would be looking at either a combination of Flesh To Stone (+2 Toughness)/Earth Blood (5+ Regeneration) with Wyssan's Wildform (+1 Strength, +1 Toughness), backed up +1 to hit from the Hurricanum and of course any goodies the Arch Lector can provide. If all goes to plan, it should be a flurry of Strength 4 from the rank denying swordsmen and masses of Strength 5 from the Halberdiers. The Demigryph Knights will benefit from the same same spell combinations, but will have a more focused role of small unit destruction, support or monster/character assassination. The Handgunners are really just there as a mage bunker, if they contribute some kills, it will be a bonus.

Vampire Counts - Lorna (aka Team Vlad)
Unlike Chris, I am 100% happy with my list, It has been incredibly amusing watching him struggle to get to grips with the Empire army, serves him right for being a worshipper of the Dark Gods for too long!I have finished sanding all my bases which surprisingly only took one evening. Once I started I just could not stop, some strange impulse carrying me on until I had finished! I also made a start on the very daunting Mortis Engine Kit, I only managed to get to stage 3 of the manual, but since this is my first time building such a large and complex kit on my own, I am pretty happy with what I have done.

I find the cleaning up of parts to be what I struggle with, as generally I am an inpatient person, so instead of trying to finish the Mortis Engine, I built the stages I could manage without getting frustrated and then put it away fro another evening. To finish up my weekend hobby, I undercoated the whole army, ready for me to start painting next week

So we have one week left to go before game time and still (in my case) so much to do! Since I don't have any Pistolier miniatures, I have had to place an order, so at the very least I will be building 10 cavalry models next week, while Lorna we have to struggle on with her Mortis Engine. I wonder if we will both be done in time? No pictures this time simply due to lack of time, plenty to be taken this week though in the run up to our game.

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