Thursday, 20 June 2013

Site News: Pistols, Heresy and Warzone...

Middle of the week progress report on this rather humid evening! Three gaming systems, three separate reports; complete with pictures; for everyone to enjoy. If that's not variety, then I don't know what it. Joking aside there is a lot about to happen in the next few weeks...

Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Yes I know, I was meant to have a game last Sunday, but one problem lay in the way - Father's Day. Both Lorna and myself had forgotten (due to how hectic things are here at the moment), until we had relatives show up...In the long run it was for the best as the Pistoliers; I had ordered the weekend before (from GW direct no less) arrived one day before our intended game; despite frantic building I only managed to get the horses built - It would have been very embarrassing running riderless ponies shooting guns (see below).

last bits of the 1500pts list

At the moment, I have not agreed anything with Lorna for this weekend, simply due to her rota requiring her to work. If we get time I will post the game highlights, but right now nothing is set in stone for this week.

Horus Heresy
Ok this has been the most popular content here by far in the last five days, with the two posts I have written getting more than double the average number of reads vs Fantasy posts - it seems bright plumed Demigryphs and lines of glistening halberds just does not compare to a good old fashioned boltgun. In my last post I stated that I was waiting for parts to add to my existing job lot. While the big (and expensive bits order) has indeed arrived, I still require a few more pieces to complete the rest of the unit, once those bits arrive it will be ten MKIII Tactical Marines, with full command ready and waiting for painting.

Non-gamers would probably weep at the price of these things...

Once I get the tactical's finished, I will probably work on a plasma gun support squad or two. I do have plans for a Apothecary detachment, Praetorian and Typhon, but I am really holding out for quad guns and the Whirlwind previewed at the Horus Heresy Weekend last month. As I stated in my last Horus Heresy post, this collection will be a Siege Vanguard/Company of Dark Angel's Terran's so expect artillery and big units of Forlorn Hope ready to either charge the breach or stem the tide! I have to admit I am very excited by the Terran's Dark Angels project, but also a little apprehensive due to next weeks release...

Warzone: Ressurection
Prodos games stated last week in one of their updates, that everything seems to be on schedule and that Warzone orders should start shipping out from the Monday. Now the post seem to indicate it would be rule books and peripherals, but if with the efficientcy these guys are running, pleadgers could be really lucky with starter boxes coming in the initial wave. That's could mean Bauhaus and Mishima starters by end of the next week! if that happens I may have to break my vow of silence and do a video review...maybe - I am not a very vocal person you know!

Girls of Bauhaus!

possibly regretting not buying Dark legion...

It would be incredibly amusing however, if everything shipped on time and next week I got literally buried in Warzone boxes, my pledge order alone amounts to around 20+ unit boxes including bikes, mecha and heavy tank, so I expect I could actually make a Warzone mountain out of them!

So that's the mid week, late night, chew the fat post. I am a little zonked out this evening after 3-4 weeks of solid eBaying, but hey the stuff has to go as I really need to make space for the Warzone stuff!

Until next time - thanks for reading,

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