Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Horus Heresy: The Terran's Return


So I had a little photo editing fun over the weekend, advertising my new project. I had pretty much given up on building any new 40K project this year, due to the amount of time invested into Fantasy and of course the massive upcoming Warzone Resurrection release - massive in the sense of I will be getting hundreds of figures in one go - Which I can't wait for, Prodos Games you guys should be very proud of yourselves!

Despite all the fun and games coming this summer, delving through my hobby graveyard turned up some interesting and down right weird pieces I had been working on from around 3-4 years ago. I managed to salvage parts from a  variety of projects; mainly Forge World armour sets; which saves me a lot of money. While I really liked some of the conversions I had worked on (namely the ones on the photo from last week), I see why I stopped working on them: I had tried at that point to add Caliban elements to my design process - robes, and Knightly Order badges, which left me undone as at the time, since there was (and still is as far as I recall) only two primary sources of research - Descent Of Angels and Fallen Angels.

Had I stuck to just the Terran aspect of the Legion, as originally intended, I am pretty sure I would have had a large army today. Well life is full of second chances, so I have decided to rebuild the first legion, armed with spares, a colour scheme and a definite image of what I want (no more robes for now!) for characters; braided hair as described in Fallen angels. Other than that, everything else should be legion standard. The nice thing about doing the project this way, is that when the Forge World team finally get round to working on the Caliban incident, I can always add the Knightly elements on a per release basis to the existing army. Based on the speed and release of content I would expect it to be at least two more years until we see anything Dark Angel like, as they took so little a part in the Horus Heresy main conflict...however whether they have enough content for a lone book is another question/or perhaps is the problem.

Until then, the Terrans will march forward. I am expecting a large order of bits this week to add to the salvaged parts I dug up over the weekend, which should result in a squad of 10 MKIII legionaries, with full command upgrades. Because there does not seem to be any particular quirks in the Dark Angels legions list in my eyes, I think the army/legion would have a very balanced approach to military assests, so I see no reason why this company I am working can't be a Terran siege breaker company, so a predominance of MKIII, breacher squads and heavy armour - I have my eye on the Typhon and Rapier Laser Destroyers for a while now! Depending on how work goes this week I will order one if not both of those items by the end of the week.

So that's the new/old project - A Dark Angels Terran Siege Company, what do people think?  I am quite excited to use the black painting technique from my Nuln army, I think the highlights and battle damage will look great on all that plate. This will be a sloth speed project though, as I have so much coming in this summer and of course Fantasy gaming to contend with, but this project will definitely grow, as I have a clear plan for it and will not be held back by lack of details or information.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion


  1. Glad to see you back! I have to say I'm not fond of post-heresy Dark Angels due to their emo lifestyle, but a story in Tales of Heresy made me respect the Terran DA more.

    1. Thanks Duncan,

      I am really looking forward to updating the Terran project, I feel a lot happier having a couple of projects on rotation. It helps stops any one project become a chore, especially during the humid days we have been getting here.