Thursday, 16 May 2013

Warhammer: Warrior Priest WIP

After so many weeks building and cleaning my Empire army, I have been chomping at the bit to do some actual painting. At the start of this week I started cleaning the atrociously cast Warrior Priest who features in my army list. I actually had to purchase two copies of the miniature due to how poor the first cast was; but to no avail; the second cast was just as terrible, so I set to work trying to make one of the miniatures usable. Below is the second version of the figure (the one I ended up using is as bad if not worse than the one pictured), I don't know how much of the defects are visible from the photo, but I had to contend with lots of bubbles (as to be expected), lots of pink rubbery residue in the hood specifically and very deep mold lines from where the molds had slipped (probably). 

Despite the problems with the cleaning, the painting was actually quite fun. I took a simpler approach, which I intend to apply as an army standard. There are still some issues on the finished model, such as the odd mold line and bubble that I missed, but I was getting so stressed, that if I did not paint it now, I would never paint it at all. I prefer this Warrior Priest model of the ones I currently have; simply because it sits in the halberd regiment nicely and also because it looks like he is about to smack someone with the book! But the best thing about this figure: is that it only took me one evening to paint, which for me is warp factor 10. I just hope I can apply some of that speed over the coming weeks on the infantry blocks.

The above is the completed model, fully painted and based (not sure if I am adding snow yet) taken quickly via iPhone. I have already taken 'glamour shots' for a new Warhammer painted gallery that I will be adding to the blog, but be warned I am no professional, so don't be too disappointed if the photos make the figure look like something out of John Carpenter's 'The Thing'! I did learn something new today also which is always good, and that thing is: My camera does not have a manual Aperture setting...which is apparently really important for taking pictures of small subjects...

Fingers crossed, photos will be edited and up tonight, after which; more painting!

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The 14th Legion

*UPDATE* I have just noticed a problem with thumb nail images not showing ,in the Gallery section. I am working to resolve.

*UPDATE* Primary Gallery image problems fixed, lost a few Space Marine photos though in the process.

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