Sunday, 5 May 2013

Warhammer: Empire & Vampire Counts Late Night Building Updates

Another late night as both Lorna and I make the most of the bank holiday building our armies. Proof yet again that I am as slow as a one toed sloth, I have only managed half a figure over the last two days, while Lorna has completed a massive two and a bit units in the same time! Needless to say we have had a lot of fun hacking away and gluing stuff together, but the dinning table looks like a battle field of spare bits, empty boxes and plastic shavings.

Today I continued working on the Amber Wizard on Griffon model. The majority of the figure is complete, with just the wings to be cleaned and glued on, I am predicting to start the airbrushing phase tomorrow afternoon, maybe Monday morning as I still need to use some liquid greenstuff to fill in the few obvious gaps - where the beak has been glued and the chest armour plate. I decided to go with the twin headed version as I really like the look of it, but I have no intention of using the twin head rule in our games, firstly I don't have the points to spare in my Lord allocation and also I think the price paid for +1 to hit on large targets is far too high. A better rule for that points premium would have been exchange for a singular high strength attack dealing d3 wounds. Force multipliers such as the Celestial Hurricanum and various buff/debuff spells already give, what this perk offers but on a universal level that effects multiple units.

I will be going for the classical golden yellows for the Griffon, as I am not fond of the green colours used by GW, it reminds me too much of the Hippogryphs from World Of Warcraft. I have something special in mind for the base with the parts scheduled to arrive mid next week (I hope). It is a fairly expensive route to take for base detailing, but if what I have in mind comes to fruition, it will be well worth the expenditure (to me anyway).

Lorna has stormed through her building this weekend! She has finished one infantry, one cavalry and one monstrous creature unit over the last two days. She has also placed an emergency order for her army in the form of another box of skeletons, Krell and a big box of Mantic zombies (she does not like the very dated GW ones and neither do I). I have helped out a little with things like making sure the figures rank up, and in all honesty I am a little envious of the army amassing on her book shelf. 

The Vargheists are off base as she has some resin ones coming in. She has also ordered some graveyard decorations and movement trays to give that extra creepy touch to the army. Despite the number of figures completed, she is still enthusiastic and shows no sign on slowing down, which is great! 

Army Lists
I have had to make some changes to my army list sadly. Despite my little tantrum concerning the halberdiers last night, after taking one look at the Empire Knights and alternatives available, I was not too keen having Knights at all. As a result, the halberdier unit is back in and so are a few other toys such as a cannon and the Luminark of Hysh. The Luminark was actually Lorna's idea as she really likes the Empire wagons, so I decided why not! I will have to buy another kit in the next two months, as I want both versions of the wagon on my display shelf.

Lorna has pretty much finalized a list, but she wants to have one last good look through her book tomorrow before posting it. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she would rather build more stuff then have to put pen to paper. 

So a lot of progress, well at least on Lorna's part. If I can pick up the pace tomorrow, I will try and start cleaning the Luminark. It is a blessing in disguise really, as my build list has gone down from some 50 or so figures to only 25 or so figures, something I can't complain about really. Lorna is really keen on getting a game in now, and has even thought about doing a joint video/pod cast of some sort concerning our little Empire vs Vampire Counts battles, but until that materialises, it's more building and lots of painting!

Thanks for reading (a very sleepy),

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