Saturday, 18 May 2013

Warhammer: Demigryph Knights wip & a Small OOP Treat!

With the Warrior Priest finished and painting I decided this week to keep the momentum up by doing some work on the troop stuff. Firstly I magnetized the halberd horde and characters; including the Warrior Priest. It is so much easier moving this unit around now, and not having to worry about the regimental standard and battle standard bearer toppling over! I am using 10mm diameter discs at 1mm thick, with a little greenstuff underneath. This weekend I am intending to work on the Demigryph Knights, as I really like the miniatures, however I have had one minor issue so far. The problem is a testament to how long it has been since I last put cavalry together; considering my last two Warhammer armies were Beastmen and Dwarfs; I made the rookie mistake during the building process of gluing the riders to the mounts. Naturally once I had undercoated them and was about to start painting the barding, I noticed the problem immediately. Needless to say after much cursing, ripping and re-gluing, the riders are now off the mounts.

I have decided to go with the blue steel plate armour and crimson barding colour scheme as per the Uniforms & Heraldry book, even though it would have been nice to see green plate armour knights, I am deciding to play it safe by going with the conventional 'modern' scheme.

Some new toys in the form of Marauder Miniatures this morning! I have seen a these figures floating about in ones and twos recently, but not a full set in original blister pack, so naturally I went all out to get hold of them; it almost seems a shame to open them. There is so much character in these sculpts, that is lost on the more generic Empire plastics of today. I will more than likely have these as the command group of a spearmen unit, but how I will make the spearmen I am not sure, I am thinking in order to keep the theme I should use the Greatsword heads with hats and plumes, but from experience and practically I know those will not rank up well using the States trooper bodies (besides who wants soldiers with no shoes!), should I just make the spearmen entirely from Greatsword kits?

So lots of Empire fun as usual this end. Lorna is sadly working this weekend so will have limited hobby time, but quite frankly she does not really need that much. All that remains for her to build is the Mortis Engine, then it is painting time for her, It looks like we are dead on schedule for an end of the month battle report!

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