Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gallery: Empire Warrior Priest with Hand Weapon & Shield

The Warrior Priests are one of the most iconic images in Warhammer, thanks mainly to the intro videos of the Warhammer: Battle March and Warhammer Online video games. The idea of one man's faith standing up to the forces of Chaos is such a great image, that I had to have one of these characters leading my fledgling Empire army. I managed a nice and quick job, taking only one evening to finish and I hope to be just as fast working my way through the infantry blocks.

I intend to include another Warrior Priest in the army at 2000+ points, perhaps the Forge World 2013 release as it is such a nice model, but I could easily see myself painting all the current Warrior Priest releases just for the sake of, since they are such great miniatures.

The army I am working on is raised directly from Nuln; with a few mercenaries tagging along; so to put emphasis on this, I decided on black robes to tie in with the regular Nuln soldiers, I think this has worked fairly well with the sombre red and dark armour not drowning out the black too much. This was also a great chance for me to play around with taking photographs, I have finally gotten into a system that is quick to set up and snap away, which means more photos in the long run for the gallery.

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