Monday, 20 May 2013

Auctions Ending This Week

Greetings all, lots of auctions coming to an end this week, the following are listed with direct links below to make it as easy for people to view specific items. If you would prefer to see everything available on in one big list, please visit my STORE.

  • Forces Of Warmachine Khador Hardback Book
  • Warhammer 40/WFB Soulgrinder BNIB 
  • Warmachine Khador Great Bears Of Gallowswood with Card
  • Warmachine Khador Grey Lord Escort with Card
  • Warmachine Khador Kovnik Jozeph Grigorovich with Card
  • Forces Of Hordes Minions Hardback Book
  • Taban Miniatures Eden ISC Serial 5 BNIB
  • Taban Miniatures Eden ISC Yellow Shinigami BNIB
  • Black Library A Thousand Sons Unabridged CD
  • Warmachine Khador Koldun Kommander Zerkova with Card
  • Warmachine Khador Widowmaker Marksman with Card
  • Warhammer 40k/WFB Chaos Daemons Plague Drones of Nurgle BNIB
  • Black Library Prospero Burns Unabridged CD BNIB
  • Rackham AT-43 ONI TacArms OOP

Thanks for looking and happy shopping.

The 14th Legion

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