Monday, 13 May 2013

Army List: Lorna's Vampire Counts 1750

Sadly work commitments meant both Lorna and myself had very little hobby time last week; however what little we did have, we made good use of. I finished building my Amber Wizard Lord on Griffon and have nearly finished the Demigryph Knights. Lorna on the other hand finished an entire unit of 30 Mantic Zombies in two evenings, which is pretty impressive, she even managed to find time to work out her 1750 list. With the big blocks of infantry now built, we are both edging to completion of building our armies completely and preparing to move to the painting phase by the start of June. Despite being new to Warhammer Fantasy, Lorna has taken her previous Warmachine (Cryx) experience and applied it to building her Vampire Counts list, I have not helped her (at her request) with the construction of the list, only with how to break down some of the more confusing magic item selections.

So here is her first list, which I think is actually pretty good first attempt and like myself she has gone with a strong theme based around characters she likes - in this case Heinrich and Krell. I don't mind special characters if they are played in a narrative sense, and even though I don't have any myself, I have no issues facing up against these two historically (Warhammer) significant characters...although I do wish I had still had my old Gotrek and Felix models to use, as that would make for a great narrative! 

Heinrich Kemmler

Krell Lord of the Undead

30 Skeleton warriors
Full command, hand weapon, light armour, shield and spears

30 Crypt Ghouls
Crypt Ghast upgrade

10 Black Knights
Full command, Barding and lance upgrades
The Razor standard

3 Vargheists
Vargoyle upgrade

Mortis Engine

Like my list, it looks very low on numbers for 1750, this is down to the character investments, she does have an almost unhealthy obsession at the moment with all things zombies that she picked up on a forum, so I can be sure that she will try and get that 30 strong unit of zombies to manifest at some point during the game. Lorna already has plans afoot to extend the army to 2500, and I am sure I saw an order somewhere for at least another 60 zombies and a couple of Plaguecarts! But for now she is content at fielding this list for our next couple of games.

I am hoping that in the future, Lorna will write her own blog posts regarding her army, if nothing more than to give her more ownership on the blog, however work does put some restrictions on how much time she can dedicate to hobby stuff at any one time - the joys of shifts and mandatory Saturdays. Perhaps we will both go the video/youtube route and make use of the 14th Legion channel as our Warhammer project rolls on.

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