Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Empire: Demigryph Knights Wip 3

Suffered a bit of painting burnout today after a hectic; but productive; bank holiday weekend of painting. Instead of forcing myself to paint the knights, I spent the day doing other things related to my Empire army, a little building, a little basing and some eBay searching. I did manage to get the block colours in place for Demigryph Knights, but other than that I barely picked up a paintbrush. I also started the cleaning process on Mordax (Great Imperial Dragon). I got almost all the paint and old superglue off and  have applied one final coat of degreaser over night to shift the last bits, if I am fortunate enough to finish the Knights tomorrow, I will probably take a crack at building. The Demigryph Mounts are for all purposes complete except bases, I did have an issue over the weekend getting the feathered manes right, but after some mixing and a long tea break to think things over, I got there in the end.

The knights should not take too long, just two coats of metals and detailing. I have two solid weeks to make sure I have an army built and ready for my first game, Lorna has had nothing to do at all really, since she finished building her army a week ago..a testament to just how slow I am at model making ha! If I am unable to field all units in my list, the game will still go on, albeit with a penalty. There will be no proxies, I will only be allowed to field what I have built for my army - which is quite an interesting underdog scenario should it occur.

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The 14th legion

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Auctions Ending This Week

Greetings, here is a list of auctions coming to end this week, there is a wide variety of second hand, brand new in box (BNIB) and out of production (OOP) miniatures from popular wargaming systems. Most auctions are starting at .99p and will be sent by Recorded Delivery (UK) or International Signed For (rest of world) for buyer confidence. So check out the auctions and catch a potential bargain this week!

Auctions ending this week are listed with direct links to view specific items, or if you would prefer to see everything on offer on in one big list, please visit my STORE.
  • Warmachine Khador Winter Guard Mortar Crew with Card
  • Warmachine Khador Koldun Lord with Card 
  • Warmachine Khador Destroyer OOP MEtal Version with Card
  • Warmachine Kommandant Irusk (2009 Sculpt) with Card
  • Forces of Warmachine: Khador Hardcover Book
  • Warhammer 40K Chaos Daemons Soul Grinder BNIB 
  • Warmachine Khador Greylord Escort With Card
  • Warmachine Khador Great Bears Of Gallowswood With Card
  • Warmachine Kovnik Joseph Grigorovich With Card
  • Warmachine Mercenaris: Eiryss, Mage Hunter Of Ios
  • 40K Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnought Autocannon Arm (Right Arm)
  • Warhammer 40K Forgeworld Nurgle Dreadnought With Arms
  • Warmachine Khador Koldun Kommander Zerkova With Card
  • Warmachine Khador Widowmaker Marksmen With Card
  • Warhammer 40K Dark Eldar Raider Still On Sprue
  • Rachkam AT-43 ONI TacArms OOP 
Thanks for looking and happy shopping.

The 14th Legion

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Empire: Demigryphs Wip 2 & OOP Dragon!

Demigryph mounts are nearing completion this week, which means I can work on the riders over the bank holiday weekend - three days of solid painting, can't wait! The photos came out really bad this time round and do not show the depths of red I have put into the barding, something I will need to consider when I do the Gallery shots. I honestly can't see these figures taking much longer, as all that is left to do is highlight the demigryph skin, golds and feathered mane. It has been a long time since I have painted gold the 'GW' way so I expect to lose some time playing with the palette, will be fun non the less.

So I managed to pick up another OOP Citadel bargain, this time from 1985...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Auctions Ending This Week

Greetings all, lots of auctions coming to an end this week, the following are listed with direct links below to make it as easy for people to view specific items. If you would prefer to see everything available on in one big list, please visit my STORE.

  • Forces Of Warmachine Khador Hardback Book
  • Warhammer 40/WFB Soulgrinder BNIB 
  • Warmachine Khador Great Bears Of Gallowswood with Card
  • Warmachine Khador Grey Lord Escort with Card
  • Warmachine Khador Kovnik Jozeph Grigorovich with Card
  • Forces Of Hordes Minions Hardback Book
  • Taban Miniatures Eden ISC Serial 5 BNIB
  • Taban Miniatures Eden ISC Yellow Shinigami BNIB
  • Black Library A Thousand Sons Unabridged CD
  • Warmachine Khador Koldun Kommander Zerkova with Card
  • Warmachine Khador Widowmaker Marksman with Card
  • Warhammer 40k/WFB Chaos Daemons Plague Drones of Nurgle BNIB
  • Black Library Prospero Burns Unabridged CD BNIB
  • Rackham AT-43 ONI TacArms OOP

Thanks for looking and happy shopping.

The 14th Legion

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Warhammer: Demigryph Knights wip & a Small OOP Treat!

With the Warrior Priest finished and painting I decided this week to keep the momentum up by doing some work on the troop stuff. Firstly I magnetized the halberd horde and characters; including the Warrior Priest. It is so much easier moving this unit around now, and not having to worry about the regimental standard and battle standard bearer toppling over! I am using 10mm diameter discs at 1mm thick, with a little greenstuff underneath. This weekend I am intending to work on the Demigryph Knights, as I really like the miniatures, however I have had one minor issue so far. The problem is a testament to how long it has been since I last put cavalry together; considering my last two Warhammer armies were Beastmen and Dwarfs; I made the rookie mistake during the building process of gluing the riders to the mounts. Naturally once I had undercoated them and was about to start painting the barding, I noticed the problem immediately. Needless to say after much cursing, ripping and re-gluing, the riders are now off the mounts.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gallery: Empire Warrior Priest with Hand Weapon & Shield

The Warrior Priests are one of the most iconic images in Warhammer, thanks mainly to the intro videos of the Warhammer: Battle March and Warhammer Online video games. The idea of one man's faith standing up to the forces of Chaos is such a great image, that I had to have one of these characters leading my fledgling Empire army. I managed a nice and quick job, taking only one evening to finish and I hope to be just as fast working my way through the infantry blocks.

I intend to include another Warrior Priest in the army at 2000+ points, perhaps the Forge World 2013 release as it is such a nice model, but I could easily see myself painting all the current Warrior Priest releases just for the sake of, since they are such great miniatures.

Warhammer: Warrior Priest WIP

After so many weeks building and cleaning my Empire army, I have been chomping at the bit to do some actual painting. At the start of this week I started cleaning the atrociously cast Warrior Priest who features in my army list. I actually had to purchase two copies of the miniature due to how poor the first cast was; but to no avail; the second cast was just as terrible, so I set to work trying to make one of the miniatures usable. Below is the second version of the figure (the one I ended up using is as bad if not worse than the one pictured), I don't know how much of the defects are visible from the photo, but I had to contend with lots of bubbles (as to be expected), lots of pink rubbery residue in the hood specifically and very deep mold lines from where the molds had slipped (probably). 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Auctions: Lots Incoming

Greetings readers, just a quick heads up to let you all know, that I am doing the mandatory yearly figure cleanup and this year I have lots of stuff kicking around the hobby den. There will be a wide range of figures available, most will be second hand, built but never painted and in some cases completely brand new in box with original wrapping. I will be adding auctions everyday from now, starting at 7:30pm (UK time) with each auction running for 7 days.

Currently on auction are some Scibor dwarves and Warmachine Khador stuff, going up this evening, will be more Warmachine Khador figures, complete with current cards. I do have some old gems like Squats, various Rogue Trader era Space Marines, AT-43, Confrontation Drunes, Orcs etc all of which will be on auction, so please check daily to avoid missing out.

To see the what is currently available in store (and bookmark for future) click HERE

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The 14th Legion

Monday, 13 May 2013

Army List: Lorna's Vampire Counts 1750

Sadly work commitments meant both Lorna and myself had very little hobby time last week; however what little we did have, we made good use of. I finished building my Amber Wizard Lord on Griffon and have nearly finished the Demigryph Knights. Lorna on the other hand finished an entire unit of 30 Mantic Zombies in two evenings, which is pretty impressive, she even managed to find time to work out her 1750 list. With the big blocks of infantry now built, we are both edging to completion of building our armies completely and preparing to move to the painting phase by the start of June. Despite being new to Warhammer Fantasy, Lorna has taken her previous Warmachine (Cryx) experience and applied it to building her Vampire Counts list, I have not helped her (at her request) with the construction of the list, only with how to break down some of the more confusing magic item selections.

So here is her first list, which I think is actually pretty good first attempt and like myself she has gone with a strong theme based around characters she likes - in this case Heinrich and Krell. I don't mind special characters if they are played in a narrative sense, and even though I don't have any myself, I have no issues facing up against these two historically (Warhammer) significant characters...although I do wish I had still had my old Gotrek and Felix models to use, as that would make for a great narrative! 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Warhammer: Empire & Vampire Counts Late Night Building Updates

Another late night as both Lorna and I make the most of the bank holiday building our armies. Proof yet again that I am as slow as a one toed sloth, I have only managed half a figure over the last two days, while Lorna has completed a massive two and a bit units in the same time! Needless to say we have had a lot of fun hacking away and gluing stuff together, but the dinning table looks like a battle field of spare bits, empty boxes and plastic shavings.

Today I continued working on the Amber Wizard on Griffon model. The majority of the figure is complete, with just the wings to be cleaned and glued on, I am predicting to start the airbrushing phase tomorrow afternoon, maybe Monday morning as I still need to use some liquid greenstuff to fill in the few obvious gaps - where the beak has been glued and the chest armour plate. I decided to go with the twin headed version as I really like the look of it, but I have no intention of using the twin head rule in our games, firstly I don't have the points to spare in my Lord allocation and also I think the price paid for +1 to hit on large targets is far too high. A better rule for that points premium would have been exchange for a singular high strength attack dealing d3 wounds. Force multipliers such as the Celestial Hurricanum and various buff/debuff spells already give, what this perk offers but on a universal level that effects multiple units.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Army List: Empire 1750 pts

Things are heating up in my mini Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Lorna has steamed ahead on her Vampire Counts building and has actually overtaken me in fully built units, for those wondering about the Halberdier unit I build last week, they are scrapped. I simply don't like the Empire States Soldier kit, they have been one of the most frustrating kits I have had to build and quite frankly I would rather spend more on Greatsword kits and convert them, than have more of those models in my army for now. Lorna is also so far ahead that she even has a list written; despite having never played Fantasy before; she has opted for what I consider to be a pretty strong list: Ghoul spam led by Heinrich Kemler (with plans to buy Krell next month). So with this in mind I have been busy writing a list of own. This is not only an attempt to be ready for our games, but also as a way of reigning in my expenditures - which have been quite high as I have been (naughtily) buying every Empire product in sight...

I have tried as much as possible to steer away from any form of conventional power list, I don't want to smash/annihilate my fiance's first Warhammer army (and all possible enthusiasm along with it), and so have opted for cool looking stuff outside the norm of halberdier blocks and Steam Tanks. Despite being a Nuln army, the list/my vision takes a more call of the wild approach, the story being that the forests around Nuln have seen a disruption in balance of life and death (due to necromancy naturally). Warning, below paragraph is fluff based story telling, if you don't like this sort of stuff, ignore the next paragraph to read the list directly.


The Amber Order of the College's of Magic has felt this disruption and dispatched Vultan Crowfist  to appeal to Countess Emmanuelle to gather her armies. Having been laughed out of her Court; mainly for his savage appearance and attire; Vultan lobbied for support with the Order of the Knight's Griffon. He cited that any threat to the forests, was a threat to their prized Demigryph hunting grounds, on this possibility alone, the Grand Master of the Order lent the aid of no less than members of the Inner Circle Knights to protect those most precious and noble of creatures. 

With the support of the Knight's Griffon guaranteed  Vultan returned to Countess Emmanuelle's court, stating that should the Grand Knights of Magnus the Pious himself, deem his request as serious, then she should take heed and follow suit. Infuriated at this unsubtle display of public embarrassment, Countess Emmanuelle's hand was forced in order to keep face in front of Nuln's dignitaries. To do nothing, would further alienate her attempts to annex Nuln as independent from Wissenland, but to fund a military campaign into the dark woods could result in high expenditures, even if Vultan was proved to be wrong.  In a strange turn of events, Emmanuelle authorized the muster of no less than the Exchequer Guard. By summoning the most expensive regiment in Nuln, Countess Emmanuelle was positioning Vultan in a precarious position, if he was wrong about the threat in the woods, it would be he and the Amber Order that would be shamed and liable for the costs of mustering the most expensive regiment in Nuln. However, if he was right, then the Amber Order would 'owe' Countess Emmanuelle reparations and favours that would undoubtedly be used to push her own agendas in the future.  

Not forgetting the public outburst and embarrassment a final stipulation was placed on Vultan, Countess Emmanuelle decided to place overall command not to the experienced Wizard, but to a unknown and in-experienced Sigmarite Priest known as Lothar Wilhelm; who came from Nuln's own Sigmar monastery. Emmanuelle surmised that should this vagabond conjurer actually be correct, she would receive full credit for victory and not the Amber Order, she would raise Lothar through the Cult Of Sigmar's ranks until he was high enough to manipulate the clergy in her favour. Of course Vultan was resigned to accept, understanding the plans within plans, however a more dire and immediate threat presented itself now. What ever agenda's Countess Emmanuelle had, Vultan would deal with in the future, should they threaten the Amber Order or the Empire itself. For now he was resolved to play Emmanuelle's game, but he could not help but lament how that even in these dark times, the vicious self centered agenda and greed of men would always reigned over the common good.

Vultan Crowfist Rider Of The Winds
Level 4 Amber Wizard on Griffon
The White Cloak, Lore of Beasts

Sigmarite Priest Brother Lothar Wilhem, Monastary of Nuln
Warrior Priest
Heavy armour, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation - Army General

Sigmarite Priest brother Pelanius Sigvalt, Monastary of Nuln
Warrior Priest
Heavy armour, great weapon, horse, barding, helm of the Skavenslayer

Kristoph 'The First' Bulbrecht, Captain Of the Exchequer Guard and bearer of the Flag
Captain of the Empire
Battle standard beaer, full plate armour, shield, talisman of endurance

Nuln Handgunners and Skirmishers
10 Handgunner
detachment - 5 Archers
detachment - 5 Archers

Knights of the Order of The Griffon 
9 Inner Circle Knights
Full command, banner of swiftness

The Nuln Exchequer Guard
30 Greatswords
Full command, banner of discipline
detachment - 12 swordsmen
detachment - 12 swordsmen

Army total: 1746

Both my fiance and I love big fantasy beasties, and this was probably my biggest bugbear in regards to the more competitive lists out there. I found these so bland that I may as well of been playing Historical - NOT A DIG I love historical and own historical armies, but when I decide to play Fantasy, I expect my army to be...well...fantastical!

Veteran list writers and players will instantly see that this is a attempt at a beat down/melee list. At higher levels I intend to include the obligatory Celestial Hurricanum and second wizard (level 2 Life for either stack-able toughness, regeneration or unit restoration) and probably cannons to bring back the Nuln feel to the army as the campaign escalates. I really like the Amber wizard on Griffon model, there is so much I want to do in order to make it a eye catching centerpiece and from a game point of view, the lore is stacked with enough of the middle road magic abilities I want for my army, it can buff, it can hex and can do magical range damage. On top of this, being mounted on a Griffon, allows me the option of march disruption, flank/rear charges, artillery neutralisation and aoe psychology tests (not applicable to Vampire Counts but other armies), also there is the 'Wild Card' and amusing prospect of turning into a dragon, and as my fiance knows...I have a lot of dragon models to pick from, should I get the chance to do so!

So I hope this has been; at the very least; an amusing read for you all, please no derogative comments concerning the non-competitiveness of the list, I know it's flaws; but at this point in my life the rule of cool rules over the need to WAAC. If however you have any ideas on how to make the list look even 'cooler' on the table, then please fire away!

On a final note, since this weekend is a bank holiday, we should be finishing all but the most complex kits in out armies, so with that in mind we should have photos for you all early next week!

As always, thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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