Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Warhammer: New Purchases

Greetings, lots of Warhammer goodness over the weekend as almost all our orders have now arrived! We also had an unplanned visit to a London wargaming store over the weekend so have added even more additional models to our rosters. So without further delay here are the updates:

Empire (Chris):
Well, I am a little spoilt for choice right now! Last week I made two medium sized Forge World orders for my army: Manaan's Blades, the Marienburg Steam Tank and Elsepth on a Carmine Dragon...Naturally when Lorna found out about this, she was more than a little shocked! While I am still waiting for the aforementioned purchases, it does put me in a difficult spot. My 1500 pts has already been planned with two large blocks of infantry (Halberds and Greatswords) backed up by a cannon and Demigryph Knights. With a steam tank on the way, I am very tempted to drop the Greatswords unit until I upgrade to 2000pts. The way I view it is this; the Steam Tank is a more durable unit at low points games and adds additional firepower to the army, however I lose body count and ability to hide my characters...opinion s anyone?

The Manaan's blades will be used as a separate regiment when I expand the army and I will probably add Marienburg specific detachments in the future, as I really like the background in Tamurkhan, I also think that a change of design and paint scheme will stop me getting bored with painting the black Nuln uniforms. I picked up some new boxes over the weekend, in the form of a Celestial Hurricanum and battle wizards. While the Wizards do fit into the initial 1500pts, the Hurricanum is more of a future proofing purchase. I will probably look to add the Hurricanum to my 2000pt list as on a paper it is a great support unit, but one that will draw a lot of negative attention. So by having the Steam Tank in my list nice and early, I can create a form of 'big scary looking unit' saturation.

Building and paint wise, the twenty strong block of Halberds are ready for priming and I am currently building the last 20 Halberds I picked up in London. I want to have built the whole unit and paint them in one go, so that I can move onto something else more interesting. On a personal note, those Halberd models have been a real pain to put together in a way that can rank up, I managed it, so i don't have to worry about numbering and specific ranking of miniatures, but man was it annoying. I think all future units will be built from Greatswords bodies, as they are better designed and rank up easier. 

Vampire Counts (Lorna):
I am not going to lie, the army I am choosing is based purely on looks. I decided early on that I wanted a Ghoul/necromantic theme and as a result the starting army is made up of a solid block of Ghouls backed up by a big unit of Hexwraiths, I do have my eyes on the Zombie Dragon, but I will wait until I have this stuff built and painted first. I don't have my army book yet (still in the first order), so I am not quite sure what they will do but I prefer the looks of these units anyways.

Although the first order is still not here, at least has been shipped out (Notification received Sat just gone), I have plenty of toys to play with until they do arrive. Over the weekend I added another box of Hexwraiths, the Mortis Engine and some dice, I still have to finish putting together three boxes of skeleton warriors and a Necromancer (Heinrich Kemmler) . Colour wise I want to do the ethereal elements in a purple/blue glow affect, and is something I want to continue as a theme throughout the whole army, I saw a couple of examples online of this scheme and I think it will look good on the table, very eerie!

So we both have a lot of miniatures to build and paint this Spring, AND a lot of rules to digest, we are both set up to get the armies to at least 2000pts in the future which means we can concentrate on the gaming side of things next month (fingers crossed) but of course if the interest continues, it could go further.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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