Thursday, 25 April 2013

Warhammer: Empire Updates

Wow, it is a really nice outside today, there is nothing quite like doing a bit of painting int he sun, that is until a bug flies into the paint! Sadly today's update will be Empire only as Lorna is on holiday to see family, so no Undead. However I can see on her shelf 10 fully built skeletons and a bunch of boxes open and ready for assembly. 

I have made a number of additional purchases this week to add to my growing Empire army. I managed to pick up an excellent deal for original (1990's) Empire Outriders, which were some of my favourite fantasy figure at the time so I look forward to working on those. The unit is quite large at 10 figures (5 are in the post), but realistically I can see myself using between 5 - 8 in my games. Despite the other  more solid Special options, these figures have a place in my Nuln army, simply because I like the look of them and in (game) theory they should provide some nasty opening turns fire support. I also decided to go ahead and order a War Altar, another Warrior Priest and finally a Witch hunter. Those are still in the post and I managed to get the lot with a £15.00 discount due to a hiccup with a previous order.

I am pleased with my progress this week, not only are all 40 of the Halberds built, but they have been sanded and undercoated, ready for painting this weekend. I am sure by now, most people realise what a pain the Empire Halberds are to rank up, but if you are not here is the gist. They don't rank up well at all and usually result in the halberds being too low and hitting the models in front of them, it took me a whole week, to clean this unit up and build them in a way that could rank up easily and yet there are still issues such as  fitting characters in the unit. I intend to address that particular problem next week when I start working on the characters, for now I want to keep myself motivated and get painting. 

I am a little stuck on what to add to flesh out my army some more in order to fill 1500 points. The Halberd horde, 8 Outriders and cannon are in, as is a battle standard bearer, but I am at odds as what to add next. I was cleaning up the Celestial hurricanum, but am wondering now if the War Altar would be a better choice, granting wards saves and hatred to all units including the Outriders, where as the celestial will only affect melee units and to a smaller extent magic (additional power dice) - thoughts anyone? I feel stuck choosing between a large rock unit or adding more 'anvil' esque units in the form of detachments to my halberds, decisions, decisions.

Still lots to do and so many choices to make, Lorna is back tomorrow so the next update should have some vampire presence in some shape or form, until then...

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The 14th legion

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