Monday, 4 March 2013

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Quiet in terms of blogging, however not in terms of hobby. A couple of weeks ago I decided; in preparation for the upcoming Daemon Codex; to spend more time painting and less time blogging. The problem with trying to mix the two (for me that is), is that I end up worrying more about what I am going to write, instead of worrying about having something to write about. Anyways, my little 'experiment' seems to be working. Sitting in front of me is a unit of 14 Plaguebearers which are pretty much done (right down to the eyeballs!) apart from the bases, those who read the blog regularly, know that I struggle to get 5 - 10 man squads done, let alone anything above that number, and yet before the Daemon Codex was released I had a sneaking suspicion that I would have to; at the very least; double up on the number of infantry I have.

I am still waiting on my advance order from GW to turn up, I opted for the Limited Edition Nurgle Codex (naturally), Herald of Nurgle and one box of Plague Drones. My girlfriend, went into town last after work on Saturday and was kind enough of pick me up another two boxes of Plague Drones nb in exchange for being able to buy some new shoes. Because I am a background nut, I will be running The Plague Drones in seven's, although I believe you can have up to nine in a slot. I also went ahead and ordered Festus from the Warriors of Chaos range, to act as another Herald. The miniature is extremely well sculpted and full of character  and I can't foresee any opponents being against me using this great figure in my games (as a Herald)...but you never know.

So what about the army and gaming? With the progress I have at least one more major purchase to make in the form of Beasts of Nurgle. Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to glean any information on whether or not new plastic versions are planned in the future. Now I don't actually mind the current model, bar the singular pose, but to drop over £150.00 on a unit which might be replaced, is just something I don't want to do right now (might change my mind); I did consider using alternatives but I like the idea of slugs that eventually turn into flies; and the alternatives would cost almost as much (Plague Ogryns). I am not worried so much at having everything painted for my first game with them, but I would like the army to perhaps be undercoated/base coated at the very least. I have penciled in a game in this month, but am waiting on my opponent to get back to me with confirmation.

I am a little disappointed that the rumoured Greater Daemon plastics did not make a show; a lot of sources claimed sightings of a miniature; but perhaps GW have decided to keep them as a new release for next month. Maybe if we are really lucky, it wont just be Greater Daemons, but also new plastic boxes for the existing resin range. I will be looking to do a slot by slot review starting this week, but I need to get my hands on the book first haha Now where is that postman!

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