Friday, 22 March 2013

Huge Hobby Update!

The last two weeks have been a mix of distractions; I have been fully engrossed with Ms Lara Croft; having lots of fun trying not to get crushed by rocks and doing generally nasty things to people with a climbing axe...It has been quite some time since I have played a Tomb Raider game (15 years maybe?) and I have to say, I love this new grittier game and origin survivor Lara - more so than the original (brace for impact haters right ahead!). BUT this game has been taking up far too much of my precious hobby time and it is time to get back to the grind (for now...).

Just before I was captured by Lara Croft, I had been waiting on a large Nurgle order to arrive. A mixture of new and old stuff including 9 Plague Drones and another Soul Grinder for fire support. From day one of the new Daemons release, an army of sorts has been sitting at the back of my mind, I just need to put pen to paper and see just how many points I can muster once everything is here and built. The Plague Drones are moving slowly as they are still in the cleaning phase, while the Soul Grinder still has not turned up at all. At least I know it has been out mid this week. With no opponents on the horizon yet, I have lost a little motivation to put together this army, but either ways below is a shot of the growing Nurgle army as it currently stands. It will look nice when it is done, but with no incentive to paint right now, it may be sometime until completion.

And now time for me "to get medieval on ya @$$"...well sort of. My girlfriend; after forcing me to watch the entire Twilight saga (and then episodes of Vampire Diaries); decided that she now wants a Vampire Counts army. Old guys after teens aka "teen romance vampire movies" or as I put it Jail bait,  seem to be popular thing right now, and I was afraid that Lorna expected/wants the Vampire Counts to be all sparkly etc So imagine how shocked I was when she stated that she wanted a flesh eating Ghoul King themed army! Not quite what I expected. So the last few days have seen her watching army review videos and the jotting down of various units to add to her future horde. To top it all off she has been sending random emails with pictures of Varghulfs saying "I'm coming to get you"...some might think this cute, I consider it an outrage sir! and a formal challenge! /sarcasm.

So with the above in mind I have ordered everything I need to play Warhammer fantasy, a game I have not played since 2001, so lots of reading then. When I was a teen I actually played more Fantasy than 40K due to the more tactical nature of the game, but this was during the infamous Tuomas Pirin era of two wound blaggy Beastmen - which I loved. From both a modelling and gaming perspective, I am really relishing the thought of working on a non-40K project, as the last 3-4 years has been nothing but power armour, tanks and Nurgle pus, this will provide not only a fresh painting project but also a new gaming challenge before I get stuck into Warzone: Resurrection next month.

And what pray tell is the army I chose? Well it is a massive departure for me this time round. I have generally always played the 'bad guy' army or armies with destructive tendencies. So this time I wanted a different semi pious theme in the form of the beleaguered Empire, or more specifically a Nuln themed army using the new bits from Warhammer Forge with Sigmar Priests running around. Perhaps in later games when we have picked up more experience I will use the special characters like Theodore Bruckner and the Ironsides, but for simplicity sake, I will be using these great models for as units from the basic book. Both our armies were ordered this week on line, so I would expect both armies to arrive within 2 - 3 weeks, with characters models arriving sporadically between then.The nice thing about this is that both Lorna and I are going in relatively blind about this. She is an ex-Warmachine player and has only a few 40K games under her belt, while I have not played Fantasy in over 10 years. I am sure the first few games will be very random and filled with mistakes as we try to get to grips with 8th Ed and our respective armies. However I am also sure that this will be a lot of fun and with some narrative and fan fic, I think this will turn out to be a very interesting set of articles and reads in the future, all we need now is our orders to arrive!

Until then, thanks for reading and may Sigmar watch over you!

The 14th Legion

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