Saturday, 23 February 2013

Site News: Warzone & Chaos Daemons

This morning Games Workshop released their next Warhammer Fantasy and 40K codex: Daemons, regular readers will know that I have been really looking forward to this release, especially for the new units. I have to say I am not disappointed with what I have seen having pre-ordered a limited edition codex, the psychic cards and of course both the Plague Drones and Herald of Nurgle boxset. This months White Dwarf is naturally a huge advert for Marches Daemon incursion, from the battle report and various notes I managed to glean a few details such, but as per usual GW have been pretty stringent with giving away too much (and further boost codex sales as a result). Anyway I think existing Daemon players will be happy with the following details - pictures weaved in for eye candy purposes.

D12 chaos effects table/Warpstorm - From a background perspective I love the idea of it, it goes with the 6th Edition ethos of cinematic, this chart has effects that can provide negative and beneficial that range from instability tests (i think that is what is hinted) to +1 to invulnerable saves army wide, as far as I could make out, the Daemon player needs to roll each turn. How this will stack with say an Epidemius list, I can only speculate, however I have a feeling that Epidemius will be toned down in this edition to prioritise the purchase of standard Heralds.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Warzone: Bauhaus Teasers Compilation

Lots of lovely Bauhaus teasers from the Prodos Games Facebook page, It is really nice to see those involved, opening the doors to public opinion on the product. Prodos have released a few pictures of the redesigned Bauhaus main soldier (Hussars) with a number of helmet choices, which are to be voted on by fans/supporters. Even I - who normally remains quiet on things like Facebook - have cast my vote on helmet choices for the upcoming release.  Below is a collection of the current Bauhaus concepts Prodos are looking at for the army as a whole.

Some fans have reservations concerning scaling ie the Vulkan battlesuit. In my opinion while noticeably smaller than the 2nd edition sculpt (I had two boxes back in the day), I think the new kits fits the theme of a 'modern' integration for today's miniature collector. While the likes of Privateer and in many ways GW thrive on big shoulder pad syndrome, I do not think it is something every company can pass off right now...I guess times have just changed and the novelty that is nostalgia may not (be enough?) translate well into a much more modern and larger wargaming community. 

It is still very early days for this Kickstarter project, with 59 days left to run, we may well see much more new and unique product as the weeks roll by; as it stands; £20,000 + in one day is not bad going, however it remains to be seen whether the popularity of brand and Kickstarter tiers will carry the funding over and beyond the £35,000 primary goal. 

To check out more on both Warzone: Resurrection and the kickstarter project, click the links:
Warzone - Facebook
Warzone - Kickstarter 

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

P.s. I even watched the 2008 Mutant Chronicles movie...bad I know but what a fun guilty pleasure it is.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Warzone: Resurrection Imminent! *Updated*

Just sitting here waiting for the last 20 or so minutes before Warzone: Resurrection goes live. I am quite excited about this, having bought into Target Game's version of Warzone in the mid nineties. I had a fairly large Bauhaus army at the time, but missed out on lots of great figures due to the fact I was a strapped for cash student. From what I have seen so far, the new Warzone figures look promising, but I am not sure what exactly will happen at midnight, will we get a full website? or will it be merely a KS announcement? 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Warzone: Resurrection, visit their Facebook page HERE, as the site is down for what I am assuming will be another 15-20 minutes.

I know it has been quiet for a few weeks, but quiet on the blog does not mean quiet in real life. I have been working diligently on my Nurgle Daemons for the last few weeks in preparation for something Daemon related in March, lots of building has been done and lots of good solid painting too. I look forward to sharing progress pics next week.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion

*Update* This is in fact a Kickstarter project and the first one ever that I will be supporting! For more details visit the project page: Warzone: Resurrection