Sunday, 6 January 2013

This Years Agenda 2013

A belated happy New year to you all! 

With the holiday season finished, it is time to look at just what will be going on here. Today saw the release of  Dark Angels 6th Edition and despite all temptations I have managed to resist the urge to buy a new army - first major resolution of the year kept! However the most exciting thing about the release for me is that we should be one step closer to the rumoured Codex Daemon wave. Sources indicate that the following will be released in Feb: White Dwarf Update/Codex (TBC), Nurgle Plague fly riders, Juggernaut Chariots, Khorne Cannon wagon, large Chaos beast with the ability to take marks and Greater Daemon re-sculpts with resin character addon pieces.

If this turns out to be true, each facet of the Chaos gods will finally have some form of slot representation: Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support. This hopefully means more viability of mono-god armies on the table and while I strongly doubt mono-gods will ever have the same power level as a combined army, I suspect much more flexibility for mono players in this update/codex, to compensate for the random elements of the army and the single minded (close combat) nature of most of the units. With this in mind it is time to start planning the paint list:

Currently on the table:

Great Unclean One (Forgeworld Model) - 70% complete, probably use as Ku'Gath
Epidemius - Built
14 Plaguebearers - Built
14 Plaguebearers - Built
7 Nurgling Stands - 2 Stands complete

If the rumours are correct, I intend to add Plague flies and Plague Toads to use as beasts, I am purposely keeping away from flying Nurgle Daemon Princes despite the Tally enabling abilities they bring to the game. Of course that's assuming Tally does not get changed anyway with this upcoming update.

This week coming, will be the first official painting week of the year, as last week was spent putting up a brand new bookcase in the living room for my girlfriend's books and my planned modelling projects. I am currently toying with the idea of returning to Warhammer Fantasy; also with a mono-Nurgle army; partly this is to give me gaming flexibility and the cost efficiency of not having to buy a brand new army for each system - Last year saw too many projects, so this year I have decided to be super efficient with my hobby spending.

With all good armies comes terrain and the gaming table I worked on last year will be taking a more Nurgle feel as I intend to add lots of swamps and dead trees. There is still the Zone Mortalis set to deal with too, and I have major plans this year to expand it and get it ready for a recreation of a certain Pre-heresy batlle involving Nurgle and Luna Wolves. Any volunteers for the part of Horus?...

So a game plan of sorts is set and this week coming should see a bunch of Plaguebearers in the works, but as they "The best laid plans..."

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

p.s. I have seen all the lovely new Death guard stuff from Forgeworld, but I am trying to be a good boy this year with my money!

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