Sunday, 6 January 2013

Repercussions Of A New Bookcase

This weekend, I put up my girlfriend's new bookcase. It is not anything too special, just a plain dark brown thing from Ikea; but the repercussion of this; is that I intend to fill! I have a fetish for hardback books and to my surprise I discovered that The Black Library has started producing the Horus Heresy series in Hardback. I have just put my order in for all the current hardback releases; a total of six Horus Heresy books listed below:

Galaxy In Flames
False Gods
Horus Rising
Angel Exterminatus
Flight of The Eisenstein

I am looking forward to adding these to my Star Wars book collection and eventually reading. So eyes peeled, I will be doing a unboxing and comparison to the paperback editions sometime this week.

Add this to the recent Deathshroud release, means a lot of Pre-Heresy temptation all over again, Daemons first methinks, then the 14th shall rise again...

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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