Monday, 7 January 2013

Nurgle: Days progress

First painting day of the year out of the way, and a good amount of progress (for me). Sometimes I take fairly long breaks between painting sessions and this can cause problems such as forgetting a paint mix. To fix this, I have a small note pad on the table and a pen, in case I come up with something new. Getting into this routine of writing down paint mixes means last year, meant I was able to launch straight into painting Nurglings again without much downtime. Other than the base (I am waiting for glue to dry before proceeding), the third Nurgling stand is complete, and in my opinion it is starting to become quite a eye catching unit. With another four bases cut from the sprue, I am intending to have a full seven bases complete by the end of the month.

But for every two steps forward though, I tend to take one step back...And this is most true with the Plaguebearers. The original unit I started painting was very green and lacking in any real definition/tones, I have always struggled with green, so to attempt an army with a general green composition was always going to be a challenge, either ways I was not happy with the original unit HERE.

I did a little experiment today and decided to use the Nurglings colour scheme on a newly built Plaguebearer unit. The line of thinking was this:  Firstly the scheme is already thought out, along with mixes. Secondly I have had enough practice painting these colours that I should be able to churn them out en mass at a fair pace. I will only be making a couple of changes to the colours used, a light blue wash will be added to the recesses to strengthen shadows and an additional skin highlight will be used to help bring out the flesh details, the picture above (although not 100% clear) shows the flesh with blue wash added to the shaded areas on top of rotting flesh with a thin green wash. Tomorrow I will start adding the highlights and this stage will really show me if my experiment is a success or not.

I do really like the Nurgling colour scheme and I hope it applies well to both the Plaguebearers and other larger Nurgle daemon miniatures in the future. In particular I like using the old school method of turquoise as a highlight for black and I think the red washes give a really nice sore look to the models when complete. Fingers crossed I will paint fast enough tomorrow to show a significant comparison to the original paint job from 2012 and justify my decision to go back to step 1 with the Plaguebearers.

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