Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Poll: Pre-Heresy Vs Post Heresy

The 14th legion will be getting a project face lift this year. With the Nurgle Daemons project getting there under it's own speed, it is time for me to start looking at power armour representation of Nurgle. As it stands, 2012 was a great year for the 'baddies', with two very different options to represent your favourite Legion army.

Forge World - The release of their first Pre-Heresy book: Betrayal
Pros: Pre-Heresy - a chance to fight legendary battles, Mortarion!, visually stunning units such as the Death Shroud, experimental weapons & rule.
Cons: Bland blocks of power armour, people are STILL funny about Forge World items/lists, experimental weapons & rules, financial costs, army subject to visual change in future books as the Heresy progresses.

Games Workshop - Chaos 6th Edition
Pros: Ready to play list, cultists, allies matrix, familiarity of rules set, wide variety of plastic kits, lots of Nurgle marked units, ZOMBIES!
Cons: No cult units outside of Plaguemarines, non-competitive beyond even casual setups due to restrictions.

As you can see, the problem lies with complexity (Forge World) vs simplicity (Chaos 6th Ed) andh no happy medium. with Forge World I get subjected to the same prejudiced of opponent agreement or whinging that the army is not geared for regular codexes and overpowered. As for the current 6th Ed Chaos book the whole argument about Cult armies has been done here before, but it cannot be denied that the latest Chaos codex still does not deliver the Cult armies as envisioned by so many. I feel that the addition of Cult Terminators with the culstists would have mitigated this problem for so many Chaos fans; without breaking the mechanics of the game in my opinion; especially when compared to similar specialised units from codexes of the 5th Edition era.

So there's the dilemma  please plug your vote and help me solve it! (poll below followers). Pre-Heresy or Post-heresy Death Guard, poll closes end of the month. Based on the decision  I WILL be making a army based on the result - which naturally you can keep track of here!

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The 14th Legion

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