Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Loot yay!

Another Christmas down and a nice bag of loot, surprisingly  this year there were no miniatures. This is mainly down to the reduction of projects I am working on and the relatively new release of 40K 6th Edition. But with my birthday next month tying in with a supposed Chaos Daemon release, this could mean a whole host of new models and painting content coming soon. But before that, I need to sift through my current loot. My other passion outside of the wargames circuit is mmo's and collectibles, I love collecting statues, busts and some toys of movie franchises such as Lord of The Rings, Star Wars and Marvel. I also have a fairly large collection (around 200) of anime figures. This year my girlfriend got me a whole load of Star Wars: the Old Republic busts, due to the fact I have been playing the mmo since summer and have steadily gotten more and more addicted to the game and associated merchandise. 

So this Christmas, I got Darth Revan, Shae Vizla, Darth Nihilus, a Lego Fury Interceptor and a whole bunch of Old Republic books to read. Tomorrow I will start taking pictures for the new busts and statues galleries, which I think will be a nice thing to look through once complete. I know it is not wargamie at all, but I am geek of many colours and I think it is nice to share my other hobby interests with the community as opposed to large down times between posts, when out at work.

So I hope you all got a load of new toys this Christmas and I hope you enjoy the upcoming collectibles section of this blog.

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