Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Loot yay!

Another Christmas down and a nice bag of loot, surprisingly  this year there were no miniatures. This is mainly down to the reduction of projects I am working on and the relatively new release of 40K 6th Edition. But with my birthday next month tying in with a supposed Chaos Daemon release, this could mean a whole host of new models and painting content coming soon. But before that, I need to sift through my current loot. My other passion outside of the wargames circuit is mmo's and collectibles, I love collecting statues, busts and some toys of movie franchises such as Lord of The Rings, Star Wars and Marvel. I also have a fairly large collection (around 200) of anime figures. This year my girlfriend got me a whole load of Star Wars: the Old Republic busts, due to the fact I have been playing the mmo since summer and have steadily gotten more and more addicted to the game and associated merchandise. 

So this Christmas, I got Darth Revan, Shae Vizla, Darth Nihilus, a Lego Fury Interceptor and a whole bunch of Old Republic books to read. Tomorrow I will start taking pictures for the new busts and statues galleries, which I think will be a nice thing to look through once complete. I know it is not wargamie at all, but I am geek of many colours and I think it is nice to share my other hobby interests with the community as opposed to large down times between posts, when out at work.

So I hope you all got a load of new toys this Christmas and I hope you enjoy the upcoming collectibles section of this blog.

Thanks for reading,


The 14th Legion

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

To all the readers and followers of my little toy soldier blog, have a Merry Christmas! May your tree be filled with boxes full of resin, lead and plastic.

Best wishes,


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's Alive!

Big thanks to everyone who continues to read this blog, I know November was a dry month but things will be picking up in January '13. I just wanted to point out that I will be adding new non-miniature content in the future. I have always been a avid toy collector at heart, especially when it comes to statues, busts and figures, I use to run multiple blogs, dealing with each collection separately, but due to time constraints and in order to keep my sanity, I have finally decided to combine everything here on the 14th Legion in the future. 

The majority of content will still be Miniatures and Wargaming, simply because there is so much you can share about it, but expect new galleries to pop up with busts and statues. For most of you who read the 14th Legion, this may not be a problem, perhaps you yourself collect statues and busts (which is great I look forward to hearing your opinions in the future!) but for those who don't, I am sure cool photographs will entice you to read and comment non the less :-)

Either ways it means much more posting on this blog, whether it be toys, photographs or hobby news and that is never a bad thing. The first gallery that will be going up this month will have a very Star Wars theme to it, so if you are a Star Wars fan, keep your eyes peeled over the run up to Christmas.

Thanks for reading,