Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nurgle: Great Unclean One #3

Managed to make some time this evening and continue working on the GUO, it is always nice to work on something consecutively when you are enthusiastic. The focal point of today's session was the intestines and right arm wound that creates a symbol of Nurgle, I went for a traditional pink look to the intestines, but washed down the entire process with a reddy brown wash, I think this worked well as to go from drab colours to a striking pink would look out of sorts - an issue that I have been struggling with for the entire project. 

With the symbol of Nurgle, I decided to add subtle washes of blue and purple to give a swollen effect. I am happy with the outcome and look to use the same method on the hernia on it's back. I think it stands out nicely and still ties in with the rest of the colours used on this figure. An issue I need to address is the colour of both the horn and nails, since the model already has a lot of warm colours, I need to avoid using bleached bone. I think the only option I can take with this is grey with some washes...I will have to experiment.

I also cleaned and fitted both the tongue and sword arm, in preparation for painting and after a bit of hot water and some bending, both pieces now slot into place without any issue. I think all remaining pieces should be glued into place very soon, which will be great as I am really looking forward to seeing the model fully built and at a stage of being mostly painted.

Need to pop to the shop some time next week and pick up some Uhu...

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion

Friday, 2 November 2012

Nurgle: Great Unclean One #2

Finally found the time to not only continue working on this miniature, but also report about it! I have managed to put in around two days worth of painting all with highs and lows. All the wound areas were re-painted in a more fitting rotting flesh colour, the original choice was far too pink for my liking and has been limited to the intestine areas only, it took a lot of time to get a decent coverage of the new rotting flesh colour, but I think it has been worth it. As a colour break, more red glaze has been added to areas of broken skin, giving it a more sore look, this should work well with the clear blood effect at the end of project. Ideally I will get to work on the intestines tomorrow,extra tentacle details and if time permits any horn/bone areas (spine included), I am purposefully leaving the head till last, so that I can give it maximum attention when the time comes. I am estimating two to four days solid painting before completion, of course getting a 'full' painting day is the hard part!

Rumours of a new Daemon reinforcements/codex have been surfacing on various forums and blogs, chief among these are descriptions of some sort of Nurgle battle fly (undoubtedly to fill the flier gap in the codex). With this in mind I am leaving Daemon Princes out of the painting queue until I know more, I hope the fly does turn out to be true, the concept of giant bugs harassing my opponents will be to cool to pass up.

So what do people think of the Daemon so far? I should probably try to pick up the pace a little so I can start the second one...

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion