Friday, 5 October 2012

Site News: Mo Nurgle Mo problems

Apologies for the lack of updates this week, a combination of work and hobby related problems have left me frustver when ever something good happens, problems re-balance the scales. So what major problem am I whining about now I hear you cry?!: The tongue bit is missing.rated and tired eyed (all will make sense in a moment). I started working on the lovely Forge World Great Unclean One last week and hit off to a great start, the colours and enthusiasm were at an all time high. 

Seems like such a small thing, but when you shell out over one hundred pounds for an item and proceed to lose a piece, it is enough (in this man's case) to drive yourself nuts. I actually turned the hobby den upside down in order to try and find it...this did not help as not only did I not find it, but I discovered other miniatures had gone missing, needless to say I thought I was going all kinds of Jack Nicholson crazy. Well I have put out messages to various friends and even a email to Forge World (I expect no sympathy from them but straws are straws even if short), fingers crossed I will have some form of resolution to the issue next week.

Now a brief note on the "New" Chaos...The more I hear about the book (and have seen from various shots), it seems like nothing more than an evolution of the previous codex:

Mono = Crap, take Poke-dragons and add liberal sprinklings of obliterators.

We will find out fully tomorrow but I am banking on the above being the end result of the "new" Chaos Space Marines. 

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The 14th legion

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