Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hobby Meltdown - Who Gets the Chop Today?!

Have to be honest folks, finding my self suffering a little hobby burnout due to a lack of inspiration. The Chaos Space Marine release was a big disappointment for me in terms of miniatures and general over hype. Despite the book being visually stunning in terms of design and art direction, I find the actual content nothing more then a general re-hash of the last book crossed with Warhammer Fantasy (and we all see how well that sells at the moment...). I believe this has cemented the trend of no more legion cult armies and the rise of Chaos generic led by 10+ old miniatures - a new Abaddon would of been nice for inspiration don't you think? The book of today is more spikey marines than ever, regardless of what they say and I see the current codex attempt(s) as a child friendly version of what was the biggest evil in the galaxy, the corruption of the dark gods has been diluted down to pure emo daddy hate (with sprinklings of Jurassic Park). Joking aside, reinventing the wheel is as hard as they say, with Chaos being so varied (up to 3.5) it was always going to be hard to re-vitalise the army once Daemons were given their own book, however GW has actively made the choice (in my eyes) to kill off the validity of Mono-God armies/legions across all game sets, in order to sell more product (note - gone are the sacred numbers, the division of Chaos into three sub armies for Fantasy). There is no choice now but to focus on the humanised aspect of the 'long war' ie Chaos Space Marines, Cultists, Dark Mechanicus (via Daemon engines). Perhaps in the future this will yield more interesting results, however right now despite the allies matrix, Chaos Space Marines is just Jurassic Spikey Marines.

6th Ed CSM = Take more Noise Marine apparently

Betrayal, the First Horus Heresy book from Forge World is a nice read. However in terms of gaming/collecting is not something I will be doing again. I have already done this, almost two years ago along with a lot of other people, I feel that Forge World may be a little late to their own party in regards to this product as too many people are producing this at a far lower cost. I already spent a lot of time converting pieces from alternative bits sellers so the time investment is not one I want to spend again on the same project, furthermore considering the price/range of products ie infantry, vehicles, characters, I have for the first time to be honest and say that a project is out of my price range...not very often I can say that. So while the book is a very nice read and looks great on the shelf, I have no intention of working on another Pre-Heresy army. I will collect the books and probably pick up Mortarion when he comes out and; assuming they cover the palace siege; we will see daemonic primarchs version and some true daemon engines released, which would look pretty with my Daemon army.

The Minotaurs will probably go on eBay, I was really looking forward to working this project to a the end, but I think I am all Spartan'd out haha I got really bored at painting smooth armour and I now find the colours tedious to work with and bland.

And what about my Nurgle Daemon army? Love it, still absolutely love it, but I am annoyed at losing the tongue bit of my Forge World Great Unclean One. This project will continue unless GW does something really drastic like eliminate Mono-Gods completely, until that point I have intentions of continually building my Nurgle Daemons and maybe even try Warhammer Fantasy again with them. With plastic Greater Daemons rumoured; and some new unit entries on the horizon (2013 allegedly ; I will have plenty to paint and play with. I am even considering working on armies for the other Gods as I truly enjoy the miniature range for this army.

Like with all things, projects can grow very much out of hand and it is necessary to do a little 'trimming'. I have been quite disciplined up till now, but the number of projects has grown beyond a manageable level, so some need to go! It is all part of the process you could say, I came back to the hobby over two years ago, after a very long break and like most people I dived into the deep end, buying and trying everything. While this is a step back in terms of pace I am happy that I still have inspiration to at least work on one project.

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The 14th legion

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