Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hobby Meltdown - Who Gets the Chop Today?!

Have to be honest folks, finding my self suffering a little hobby burnout due to a lack of inspiration. The Chaos Space Marine release was a big disappointment for me in terms of miniatures and general over hype. Despite the book being visually stunning in terms of design and art direction, I find the actual content nothing more then a general re-hash of the last book crossed with Warhammer Fantasy (and we all see how well that sells at the moment...). I believe this has cemented the trend of no more legion cult armies and the rise of Chaos generic led by 10+ old miniatures - a new Abaddon would of been nice for inspiration don't you think? The book of today is more spikey marines than ever, regardless of what they say and I see the current codex attempt(s) as a child friendly version of what was the biggest evil in the galaxy, the corruption of the dark gods has been diluted down to pure emo daddy hate (with sprinklings of Jurassic Park). Joking aside, reinventing the wheel is as hard as they say, with Chaos being so varied (up to 3.5) it was always going to be hard to re-vitalise the army once Daemons were given their own book, however GW has actively made the choice (in my eyes) to kill off the validity of Mono-God armies/legions across all game sets, in order to sell more product (note - gone are the sacred numbers, the division of Chaos into three sub armies for Fantasy). There is no choice now but to focus on the humanised aspect of the 'long war' ie Chaos Space Marines, Cultists, Dark Mechanicus (via Daemon engines). Perhaps in the future this will yield more interesting results, however right now despite the allies matrix, Chaos Space Marines is just Jurassic Spikey Marines.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Site News: Mo Nurgle Mo problems

Apologies for the lack of updates this week, a combination of work and hobby related problems have left me frustver when ever something good happens, problems re-balance the scales. So what major problem am I whining about now I hear you cry?!: The tongue bit is missing.rated and tired eyed (all will make sense in a moment). I started working on the lovely Forge World Great Unclean One last week and hit off to a great start, the colours and enthusiasm were at an all time high. 

Seems like such a small thing, but when you shell out over one hundred pounds for an item and proceed to lose a piece, it is enough (in this man's case) to drive yourself nuts. I actually turned the hobby den upside down in order to try and find it...this did not help as not only did I not find it, but I discovered other miniatures had gone missing, needless to say I thought I was going all kinds of Jack Nicholson crazy. Well I have put out messages to various friends and even a email to Forge World (I expect no sympathy from them but straws are straws even if short), fingers crossed I will have some form of resolution to the issue next week.

Now a brief note on the "New" Chaos...The more I hear about the book (and have seen from various shots), it seems like nothing more than an evolution of the previous codex:

Mono = Crap, take Poke-dragons and add liberal sprinklings of obliterators.

We will find out fully tomorrow but I am banking on the above being the end result of the "new" Chaos Space Marines. 

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion