Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rant: Chaos Undi-whelming...

Ok by now everyone has seen the photos of the Chaos goods from next month's White dwarf, if not here is the link: Chaos Stuff. Not going to post the photos as I think credit needs to be given to the guy who posted it first, now for the random bit, my thoughts. Like everyone else, I have been waiting for a long time for Chaos to get it's due and quite frankly I am so far unimpressed. In concept, the dragon sounded interesting, it had been hyped as being similar to the Tzeentch Firelord (below).

While the obvious answer is 'if you don't like it, suck' or more politely convert it, I think the aesthetics do not feel in-line with Space marine/Dark Mechanicus tech, in my view leave the dragons in fantasy or stick to a more conventional design...like an aircraft maybe?!

Now for the daemon engines...They really look out of place in my opinion. My girlfriend caught a glance and immediately said 'ooh new Cryx stuff!', only to be disappointed. The Defilers were a great addition to the mechanised range along with the Decimator, and these designs fit the Chaos theme quite nicely, however half dog/half machine/all crap does not work for me at all, the worse offender in my opinion being the Forge Fiend, it just looks like a zoid, or worse yet a Pokemon.

So what does this leave us? Well a new tech marine and some raptors and these are...Space marines with spikes. Albeit the raptors or warp talons look rather nice, the Warpsmith looks just like a spikey version of the Space Marine Techmarine, in fact I think it is the same model, re sculpted.

After the very awesome Daemon surprise wave, I am a little let down by the start of Autumn of Chaos, there is no mention of a Codex release as far as I can see, but of course the white Dwarf will be out soon to verify and despite this the new Codex is alleged to be an evolution of the last Codex...which 80% of Chaos fans hated so that does not harbour well. More of the range is expected to be shown during this weekend at Gamesday and fingers crossed it will yield more interesting results, regardless, I am at this point very glad that I went ahead and started a Daemon army instead of waiting on the new Chaos Space marines.

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The 14th Legion


  1. Can't help but agree.. when i saw that chaos dragon I just thought 'oh dear' and I think the old raptor minis were more sinister by far. I really hope the cultist box set doesn't disappoint or I might have to start trashing flagellents and zombies after all!

  2. I have to say, all these early pictures were pretty crappy. I think you might want to take a look at the new photos, cause I initially agreed until I saw the official pics on the site. In my opinion, they are an awesome new direction and you should definitely take another look.