Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nurgle: Unusual Growths

The forces of Nurgle threatened to take over my dinner table last weekend as I started work on the remaining boxes of Plaguebearers and Nurglings. In a bid to try and keep things a little more efficient I cleaned my two paint stations; which were covered in clippings and odd figures; and decided to designate one as 'painting' and the other as 'building' - the joys of simple logic! So let's have a look at what and the various stages of this project's growth.

On the painting side, the original Plaguebearer squad has been mounted on new ruins themed resin bases, and literally only a few details remain before they are given a light varnish, the Daemon Prince has not changed since the original post, however we do have a new set of figures being painted in the form of three Nurgling stands. I started these last night and am quite happy with the pace, they are still green but just a different shade (Rotting Flesh). I am finding it very relaxing painting the Nurglings for some reason and I am looking forward to bumping this squad up to seven stands in the future. I have decided to use the Mammon the Forgeworld Daemon Prince as a Great Unclean One for now, as much as I love the Forgeworld Great Unclean One, I really want to make sure I have a colour set I am really happy with otherwise I will end up losing motivation like last time.

On the building side, we have more interesting things...I ordered in some new 'infested' resin bases which have all the usual maggots and growths, I will be changing these slightly to make them fit in with the ruins bases, so some bricks and dust everywhere. Since I am running my Plaguebearers in seven (for now) I was able to make almost three squads out of two boxes, I ordered some bits to make the command squad and final Plaguebearer and those should be arriving soon, there are also three more Nurgling stands waiting to be cleaned, but these will be on standard bases only. You can just about see the Daemon Prince, who has actually had more work done (mainly detail) and nears completion, he is looking great and I can't wait to finish sculpting and move on the adding paint. I was able to find some spare bits left over from the original Daemon Prince kit used and decided to put a large bits order in for the missing parts such as back of torso/wings etc I was very lucky that at the time I was sourcing parts, my usual bits store had just updated the Chaos Daemons bits range ha so a second Daemon Prince will be appearing sooner rather than later.

Further reinforcements are on the way from GW itself, in the form of Epidemius. Sadly this will be a Failcast model which I paid full whack for (double fail) and since all of my previous direct sales Failcast orders lived up to the name, I expect holes/gaps and meltage not in the way Nurgle intended. Rumours has cropped up of a plastic Palanquin in the works for a new Daemons rule book release, but I really want to have an army now and get some games in this year. During 5th edition I got less than ten games during the entire edition because I had just gotten back into GW games and was undecided as to what army I wanted to do.

On the gaming front I have organised a large event at my house (yay!). If all goes well six gamer friends will be visiting my humble dwellings with their lovely armies and proceed to smash my army in. Why the negativity? well they just happen to be a 40k tournament team and amongst the best UK 40k players...and I am using a themed Nurgle army : / Good times! Nothing like trial by fire, on the spin side, it should mean lots of battle reports for everyone to read. I am hoping to make this a regular monthly thing, I am blessed with a partner who loves and encourages all aspects of this great hobby of ours and since I have no local clubs in this area, becoming the host seems the logical choice.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion

P.s Any gamers in the Feltham/Hounslow area (UK) ? If there are make yourself known!

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