Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nurgle: Rise Prince Of Pestilence! Wip

The Chaos Forges have been burning late recently hence the lack of blog posts, here is the second of my trio of Nurgle Daemon Princes (First Daemon Prince Here), I was originally tempted to build from the box and play, but my need to convert took over all rationale. I just want to put emphasis on the fact that there is still a huge amount of work to do on this figure, I am probably 80% through working on the bulking of the figure and no major detailing has been sculpted yet except some skin on the spore chimneys.

The concept is to have lots of spore chimneys and skeletal wings, I have it in my head that this Prince flies around spreading disease spores across the battle field and puking on enemies or 'helping Nurgle's garden grow'. I will be further building up the belly by adding fragmented armour in a similar way to this old project, and the chest area itself will receive a detail over haul in order to make it less 'undivided'.

I was originally going to have a both eyes covered by the hood/cowl but I am pleased with the one eye open look, the hood is quite plain and simple but sometimes simple is the best way forward. The horns that poke out the side of the head are from the  Plaguebearers plastic box set and are just the right size for the Daemon Prince head pieces.

I saw a great picture in one of the older chaos Codexes that I own, it was based on the 3rd/4th edition metal Daemon Prince and had a body sunken into the shoulder pad, I decided that I wanted to add this detail on this particular project. I initially wanted to add a guardsmen/Space Marine body but ended up with a much more generic decomposing body instead. I will be sculpting addition armour to make it look like the body is being absorbed into the shoulder pad itself in the detailing stage.

Because I am currently working with materials to hand, I ended up cutting the membranes out of the Daemon Prince stock wings, this was a massive job which took a couple of hours, that luckily went well and without any form of breakages. I then added a couple of  thin brass pins to give strength and form a base to build up the new shredded wings. 

I have added some details already, the swollen and hunched area on the back help to give a more Nurgle feel to the whole figure. I will be adding more sores/cuts/spots towards the end once I have the figure fully bulked up. Half of me really wants to rush the sculpt and get to the painting already but a bit more time will pay off better I am sure.

With the extra sculpted details, the model has plenty of space to add Nurglings, maggots and if I am able to do it some flies (much like the Mamon figure), but again this is all in the detailing stage which is quite far off. I still have to fully sculpt the right weapon arm and change the legs a little. Still a great deal to do and I am not putting any time frame on this what so ever, it has worked out well that the rumoured Daemons book is set for next year as it puts no real urgency to the project, which means I can truly splash out. 

Chaos has long been one of my favourite armies, in my many years collecting I have owned a huge Beastemen army (Tuomas Pirinin era - 3rd Edition I think? Can't remember!), a Daemon world army (2nd Edition 40k) and a massive World Eaters (3rd Ed) army which was filled with custom built/sculpted Daemons, it is really nice to see GW putting a major focus back into the Chaos range and with the advancements of their plastics I hope to see a whole manner of huge Daemonic Beast/Engines in the future.

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