Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nurgle: Nurgling Scratching s

Finally had a chance to sit down and work out a colour scheme for my Nurgling swarms. I am starting to get 'trigger finger' as the sheer magnificence of the daemon plastic kits are trying to lead me away from Nurgle (namely Bloodcrushers and Seeker chariots, however I am managing to keep my focus soley on Nurgle, a mild relief for my wallet. I have to admit, that despite the fun I have had with this models, these figures are actually a bit on the annoying side to clean due to the amount of small details and subsequent mould lines, no breakages yet but some near misses with the craft knife.

I am very please with the colour scheme, it is still green to match the army but a different and more vibrant shade (actually it's rotting flesh, is that a green?). So the army will still look unified but show diversity of colour to stand out of the crowd and enough to keep my painting interesting and challenging. The Nurglings are packed with character and while they can be quick to paint, I could not help but pick out the wagging tongues, sores and wounds. I think with this painted in, the swarm base really stands out a lot more.

The system for these figures is the same as the Plaguebearers - main colour, detail and then my Clear Blood mix, no rust yet but I may add some metallic structures to the base further down the line. I currently have 2 more swarms to paint and three more waiting to be cleaned/built,but I am already planning some more Nurgling swarm purchases to bring this squad up to seven stands and of make a second squad for my army. I have to tip my hat to GW on this one, the Nurgle daemons are so packed with character and detail and that makes them a joy to paint, these figures will look in both the display case and on the table.

Bits for my second daemon prince have arrived, I am still waiting on Epidemius and the parts to make a third Plaguebearer squad. I have roughly three weeks or so to get my bearings, build, paint and read 6th Edition before I am thrown into the deep end of playing Daemons and 6th Edition for the first time against tournament players...

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The 14th legion

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