Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nurgle: Great Unclean One Day 1

An actual hobby post yay! The Forge World Great Unclean One is a wonderful model, it has been sitting on my shelf for around two years, it is a reject from my old Death Guard project and something I have always wanted to start painting. Today I decided to try (again) on making a start on the figure, my previous attempt had ended in failure when I was not happy with the colours and generally crappy brush technique I had applied at the time. In the last two years of painting again, I feel that I have (re) learnt enough techniques to try and paint high detail models like this again, and I hope that figure shows some evolution of technique once completed.

Stage 1
The entire model is primed with Tamiya Light Grey Primer and then given a general wash of Athonian Camoshade. I am aiming for a brown/green finish to with a overall leathery look.

Stage 2
Deep recesses and areas of shadow are washed with Agrax Earthshade. This brown shade will intensify as I apply more washes of Athonian Camo, creating a stark yet natural shadow for the figure once complete (in theory).

Stage 3 
The deepest recesses and shadow areas are washed with Asurman Blue. I have use a cold blue to directly contrast the warm browns, I think it has worked quite well, as the colour is very visible without drowning out the warmth of the browns.

Stage 4
The flesh areas are highlighted with Graveyard Earth and then given another wash of Athonian Camoshade. The base colour is actually quite a bit darker than intended, but non the less worked out well when set against the blue and greens of the washes.

Stage 5
A wash of Leviathan Purple is applied to some of the blue areas and around any wound areas to represent bruising/ damage to flesh areas. The purple acts as a guide for where I will apply reds and associated wound colours in the detail stage, it also contrasts nicely with the blue shadows and brown base.

I am very satisfied for day 1, I intended to just get some wash work in but instead have finished with a lot more than intended. Tomorrow I will hopefully start adding highlights to the skin and begin work on the shadows, after that all I will have to worry about is the detailing.

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The 14th legion

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  1. omg amazing tutorial thank you so much!