Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nurgle: Epidemius (Finecast Ver) Unboxing

Reinforcements and supplies have just arrived. I have been very keen to get my hands on the two bottles of Athonian Camoshade and do a little experimenting with shades on my Nurgle forces, the other part of my delivery, I was less excited about. Like most people I still have apprehensions concerning the Finecast casting procedure and ordering a figure which is not only expensive but cast by via infamous means feels like financial Russian roulette, which does not exactly inspire confidence. Previously I have been sent Terminators with half  melted shoulder pads, bubbles where faces should be other various melted abominations, so as you can imagine opening this £30.00 box of resin left me nervous to say the least.

Well the result was a surprise (in a good way) as you can see from the sprue photos, there are no major defects to be seen bar one tiny bubble on one of Epidemius' fingers. I have had a good close look at the figure and all the small details and I have to say that this cast is actually a good job, something I did not expect. I will make no sweeping comments such as 'they have refined the process' but I will say, that the cast I got is as good as it gets when dealing with resin figures packed with this amount of detail.

The model itself did not really inspire me when I first laid eyes on it, despite the whole concept of Nurgle being poo with sticks, my initial thoughts when I saw the model were 'it's just poo'. It is only now that I have handled the figure and seen all the details that I feel the challenge to go ahead and make this figure look good by showing off as much of the detail as possible. My initial impression is that it is all too easy to go to town on the throne of Nurgle itself and drown out all the potential of Epidemius himself, I will be playing around a lot with washes and inks to see what effects I can use to bring this really characterful model to (un) life.

So happy all in all, extremely happy! I am still waiting on the bits for my second Daemon Prince and I now need to budget for the last elements to add to my 1750 army, once I have worked it out I will post the list.

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The 14th Legion

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