Friday, 7 September 2012

Forgeworld: Elemental Of Fire

Dogs walked, time for some hobby goodness. Forge World have released another Warhammer monstrosity in the form of the Incarnate Elemental Of Fire, this figure stands at 6" tall and is sculpted by Steve Whitehead. Background aside, the figure has all the hallmarks for a very interesting Daemon Prince/Greater Daemon conversion, the wreathed in fire look would fit pretty well with a Tzeentch army, while the head sculpt would be fantastic as part of a Nurgle sculpt. 

The figure is up now on the Forge World site with a shipping date of 28th September, I would expect people going to Gamesday will have early access to this figure at the Forge World stand. On the subject of Forge World, the release schedule seems to have 'altered'...start of the year rumours put forward the idea of a new Imperial Armour book release chronicling the Minotaurs vs Tzeentch/Necrons. With the recent announcement of the Horus Heresy being the next focus, I wonder if the Minotaurs project has been shelved completely?

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