Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Blacklist: Idiot eBayer of the week

So after 11 years of buying and selling on eBay I got my first negative feedback, what a way to start you day! A buyer has accused me of stealing his money and not sending an item...only problem is it has a tracking number! I received one email from the buyer a while ago and I responded by providing his tracking number (even though it is already on his invoice). Apparently he has waited a month and still no package, instead of sending me a message to discuss where it is or even the concept of a refund, he leaves me a negative.

How do I discuss a refund when you don't even request one from me, am I meant to be psychic?

The best bit - I just checked the tracking, it states, item never collected and being returned. I strictly state to the buyer, to check his sorting office for the item and it looks like he could not even be bothered to do that...I mean how lazy is that? Your package in in the sorting office...you can't be bothered to pick it up...you can't be bothered to ask for a refund...and apparently that is all the seller's fault?


My concluding thought is that the buyer did initially want the item, then changed his/her mind and instead of picking up the item, decided to wait for it to be returned and avoid postage expense.I hate the fact that I can't leave an honest negative feedback for the person, so this is the next best thing. i would honestly recommend to all eBay traders, to add this buyer to the block list, the buyers name/ID is:


I am fed up with how eBay takes no actions to protect it's smaller sellers, so from now on I will be doing my own black list or terrible buyers and sellers right here on my blog. All evidence will be presented and it will be up to you the readers to decide whether or not these individuals should be black listed from your sales. But for this week, congratulations connor you are the idiot eBayer of the week.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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