Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nurgle: Late Night Update

Yet more progress on my reborn Nurgle project, the Daemon Prince Mamon is now complete and I intend to get some decent photos worked on this weekend if all goes well, It's also a bank holiday weekend I believe, so plenty of time for hobby stuffs. I am pleased with the final outcome of the Prince; in particular the free hand fly symbol on the loin cloth; but as per normal there are a few things that do annoy me such as the grains left over from the dry brushing etc. Rather than be discouraged I am using this as a learning curve for the next two large scale models on the list. One thought did occur to me, in games I would of course use daemonic flight for my Princes, however I dislike the idea of something so big and obese using wings...After reading the description for the Daemonic Flight gift, it does cite examples of flying or bounding leaps via arcane movement. While I don't think many of my opponents would contest 'gas/fart powered' Nurgle Princes, there will inevitably be a few waac that might contest it. 

So I ask the question "Do I have to have wings on my Daemon Princes to represent Daemonic Flight?What defines Daemonic Flight and would you allow a gas powered/teleporting Daemon Prince?"

As well as finishing the Daemon Prince, I dove straight into my first squad of Plaguebearers. After priming and airbrush base coating the squad, I ran into my first problem: I hated the base colour. I initially went for a drab green, shaded with green ink and dry brushed with an ashen colour. The result; in my eyes; was something very dull and boring. I tried again using a different shade of green, but again it was far too dark for my liking. It is only now, in the last 15 minutes that I have found a green I like and in my opinion it is a good match for the cover art Plaguebearers.

Looking at the photo above: the middle figure was the first colour scheme attempt, the figure to the left is the second and the figure to the right is the green I have decided to go with. I much prefer the brighter green and after some shading and highlighting I can see if mixing well with the finished Daemon Prince. I think the brighter colours will lend itself better to the wound detailing that I will add and will probably make life easier when adding additional colour glazes. With the (extended) weekend only a few days or so away I am realistically looking at the starts of a fully painted army - there I said it and have naturally jinxed it!

Hmm guess I should start looking at what to add next to my Nurgle army host...

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The 14th legion

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