Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nurgle: Burning The Midnight Nurgling..

Just gone 2:15am as I write and I have done about as much as I can today. Despite a good start on Saturday, random problems/jobs around the house sprang up throughout the weekend that completely threw my hobby schedule in the air, meaning I did not manage to finish my projected schedule. However the results of the weekend are still satisfactory. After a very shaky start, the new green I picked last week has actually turned out ok, It's a little 'old skool' as in it looks a little bright like the Nurgle stuff from the 80's but funnily enough it seems to fit the bill. There is not much left to do now before I start the basing apart from the banner, blood effects and small details. What this means is that for the rest of this week I should be working on Nurglings, followed by another box of Plaguebearers and finally the lovely Forge World Great Unclean One.

Unlike some of my other projects, I am really pacing myself with the Nurgle miniatures. Normally I will buy a army list in mind and try to build/paint everything to specification, this time I am just picking up a few bits at a time and working on them without pressure. It is still early the early days of 6th Edition and unlike the Minotaur's project (which I started at the tail end of 5th Edition) there is no rush to get games in - still have five years I suppose.

Rumours suggest more Daemon shenanigans in the first quarter of 2013 so I have time to sit back and enjoy the painting. I am still standing firm on my mono-Nurgle Daemons, but each day those Bloodcrushers and Chariots call out to me...

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