Friday, 3 August 2012

A Painting Update?! The Sky Is Falling!!

A combination of a new edition adaption, work and mmorpg addiction has meant the last month or so has been very slim on the miniature/gaming side. Alas, the painting drought has been broken and something altogether nasty has spawned from the depths of the 14th Legion, with the recent release of new daemon kits and whisperings of both Fantasy and 40K Chaos this fall, it seemed only natural that I would once again hear Papa Nurgle's call. This is still a wip, which I started yesterday but from the looks of things I should see it finished by the end of the weekend (famous last words).

I have had the fantastic Mamon model sitting in a box for quite some time now (2-3 years maybe?) and he was meant to be the starts of a much larger project. With a Daemon wave release imminent this weekend, it seemed only appropriate that I at least start painting this Daemon Prince up, not only as a test piece but also to 'lead' my order of Nurglings and Plague bearers when they arrive.

Being a test piece I expect to refine some of the techniques I have used on this figure. I have the awesome Forge World Great Unclean One sitting in a box which needs stripping, and I am pretty certain that I will be using the same colours above on him. That figure is begging to be painted and used as the centre piece to the collection. I previewed him some time ago on the blog but the project was abandoned due my being unhappy with the colour palette - a weird beige that ended up becoming dark poo green. Now that I have figured out a paint scheme I actually like, big papa pump is most definitely on the list of things to paint approaching Autumn/Winter.

So where does this leave the Minotaurs?

Well I have decided to take a break from painting not just power armour, but also metallic colour schemes. That's part of the joy of the revitalised Nurgle project, it is a whole bunch of organic colours that are a massive change from what I have been working on the last year or so. for fans of the Mighty Morphing Minotaurs, they will be back when Forge World releases the rumoured Minotaurs vs Necron book, but until then I hope you enjoy the Nurgle pictures until then. I look forward to sharing more painted miniature goodness with you all soon.

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The 14th legion 

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