Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nurgle: Burning The Midnight Nurgling..

Just gone 2:15am as I write and I have done about as much as I can today. Despite a good start on Saturday, random problems/jobs around the house sprang up throughout the weekend that completely threw my hobby schedule in the air, meaning I did not manage to finish my projected schedule. However the results of the weekend are still satisfactory. After a very shaky start, the new green I picked last week has actually turned out ok, It's a little 'old skool' as in it looks a little bright like the Nurgle stuff from the 80's but funnily enough it seems to fit the bill. There is not much left to do now before I start the basing apart from the banner, blood effects and small details. What this means is that for the rest of this week I should be working on Nurglings, followed by another box of Plaguebearers and finally the lovely Forge World Great Unclean One.

Monday, 27 August 2012


Wide variety of items up for auction today, including a few Warmachine books. Some interesting miniatures in there also, in the form of Heresy Miniature ghouls, these things are packed with character, ranging from running ghouls to a gruesome hag eating a baby!

So grab some bargains and help me clear out the house a little! Visit DiStudios Minis

Thanks for looking,

The 14th legion

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nurgle: Late Night Update

Yet more progress on my reborn Nurgle project, the Daemon Prince Mamon is now complete and I intend to get some decent photos worked on this weekend if all goes well, It's also a bank holiday weekend I believe, so plenty of time for hobby stuffs. I am pleased with the final outcome of the Prince; in particular the free hand fly symbol on the loin cloth; but as per normal there are a few things that do annoy me such as the grains left over from the dry brushing etc. Rather than be discouraged I am using this as a learning curve for the next two large scale models on the list. One thought did occur to me, in games I would of course use daemonic flight for my Princes, however I dislike the idea of something so big and obese using wings...After reading the description for the Daemonic Flight gift, it does cite examples of flying or bounding leaps via arcane movement. While I don't think many of my opponents would contest 'gas/fart powered' Nurgle Princes, there will inevitably be a few waac that might contest it. 

So I ask the question "Do I have to have wings on my Daemon Princes to represent Daemonic Flight?What defines Daemonic Flight and would you allow a gas powered/teleporting Daemon Prince?"

Monday, 20 August 2012

Nurgle: My How His Garden Grows!

Papa Nurgle's reach extends just a little further today, with a lot of painting and building going here. The Nurgle Daemon Prince is reaching the final stages of completion; I am just waiting on some resin to dry; but once this is complete, all that will remain is the base and rust effects. I have to be honest the colour is not as green as I would have liked, so I will be reviewing my paints to find a replacement colour. What this means is that the Plaguebearers will probably be next in-line for painting as opposed to the Great Unclean One (which is probably for the best as it means more rank and file complete). I have just put together some Nurglings (as you can see in the photo) and I have to say then are a very fun and simple kit to put together.

I am going at a very happy pace considering it is summer; normally I just stop model making altogether during warmer periods and wait for the cooler autumn months; but this years splash Daemon release has been too tempting to resist. I still have another box of Plaguebearers and Nurglings to add to the collection but after this I need to start thinking about what would be best to add to the growing force. I will be going for pure Nurgle (I am 14th legion after all!), but certain models are a little lack lustre ie Epidemius and the Beasts of nurgle. Two more Daemon princes (with Wings) are definitely on the agenda sooner rather than later, but somewhere down the road I do want to add some form of palanquin rider(s) and Beasts of Nurgle. Currently Plague Toads and a custom palanquin using the new Nurglings box set are foremost of my ideas...

Thanks for reading,
The 14th legion
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Friday, 3 August 2012

A Painting Update?! The Sky Is Falling!!

A combination of a new edition adaption, work and mmorpg addiction has meant the last month or so has been very slim on the miniature/gaming side. Alas, the painting drought has been broken and something altogether nasty has spawned from the depths of the 14th Legion, with the recent release of new daemon kits and whisperings of both Fantasy and 40K Chaos this fall, it seemed only natural that I would once again hear Papa Nurgle's call. This is still a wip, which I started yesterday but from the looks of things I should see it finished by the end of the weekend (famous last words).