Monday, 16 July 2012

has it really been that long?...

It has been a very hectic few weeks, with some very time intensive projects on my plate, on the plus side its money for toys so I can't complain too much! however things seem to be hitting a good balance, so once again I can move forward with some of my projects. While it might seem that this log has been sleeping under a rock, I myself have been keeping very much up to date with wargaming current affairs and I will be sharing some of my thoughts on various rule sets/figure releases in the last couple of weeks. The blog and Minotaurs project are very much alive and readers can expect to see some wip shots and of course some more battle reports coming soon.


The fact I am struggling to keep up with just the one project means a whole bunch have to be stopped. I feel that in the last year or so of coming back to warganing, I have spread myself too thin on the projects and sadly a whole bunch will have to go. In the future I will be getting rid of my Confrontation Drune army, ork battlewagon army, seven years worth of Khador miniatures and various large beasties such as the CMON dragon and Banebeasts Chimera. So keep your eyes peeled and on my eBay store weekly offerings.

To my regulars, I apologise for the lack of updates and to the new guys, thank you for taking the time to check out my post.


The 14th legion

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